SafeRacks - 2x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack (12"-21")

SafeRacks - 2x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack (12"-21")

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Lifetime warranty only available purchased saferacks

Easy step-by-step instructions full support center assist

Industrial strength with powder coat finish

Holds pounds has customizable ceiling drop-length

Get this installed select markets

Purchases saferacks includes limited lifetime warranty all other resellers will ship re-sold rack which void description saferack overhead garage storage designed help utilize wasted space our patented design holds pounds back with customize ceiling drop-down distance between need longer check out related products only industrial quality steel complete product powder coat finish step-by-step instructions support staff questions finally fit car some new found it's take pictured here unit various hooks accessories loaded items included industry warning maximum withstand engineered well over pound breaking strength shopping racks confuse capacity never load any company's more than risk serious damage home life personal property shipping processing are shipped via fedex delivery tuesday thru saturday please allow business days process order prior this ships two boxes deliveries they sometimes get separated during transit time still have received both hesitate reach amazon refund return policy purchase where cost price subsequently payment less outbound customers responsible costs


SafeRacksby Safe Racks

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