4pcs Super bright 7 color RGB LED Angel Eyes Kit with a remote control car styling for  Volkswagen golf 4 GT 1998-2004

4pcs Super bright 7 color RGB LED Angel Eyes Kit with a remote control car styling for Volkswagen golf 4 GT 1998-2004

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 This is No universal kit - fits only the following headlight car.  If you headlight isn't the same as photo , please don't order and connect us , thank you
RGB angel eyes kits
One set including: remote controller + 2/4 rings +inverter
Outer diameter: 60mm----230mm (any sizes and shapes are ok )
Lamp Types: rgb 5050smd
Led numbers: 30leds ---69leds per halo rings
Color changing: 3-10 colors changing by a remote controller
Voltage: 12V
Brightness: 32,000
Color Temperature: 7000K (White color)
Life time: 30,000Hrs
Quality insurance: good quality, pass destructive test with one year warranty
The package:
Control Method: Adopt IR remoter to control the led controller, Which has 24 buttons, the function of each button as the table below: Brightness+ (8 in All)
Brightness- (8 in All)
Static red
Static green
Static blue
Static white
Static orange
Static pea green
Static dark blue
7 color jumpy change
Static dark yellow
Static cyan
Static brown
All fade out & fade in
Static yellow
Static light blue
Static pink
7 color fade change
Static straw yellow
Static sky blue
Static purple
3 base color jumpy
Tap the red/black wires from the module box to turn signal lamp stage-1 or red wire to ACC/Ignition Have the receiver of the module box placed behind the kidney nose for better reception Inspect and test your kit prior to installing. We test every product before it goes out our door. You should be good to go! If any thing is not working, best to contact us before taking your headlights apart.   Wher to place the module box and IR receiver?
Always put the module box behind the passenger side headlight lamp and connect the module box (red and black wires) to passenger side turn signal lamp stage1 or red wire to ACC/Ignition (black wire to ground). Place the IR receiver between the passenger side fender and the corner lamp gap so you can use the remote to control the RGB LED rings even when the hood is closed.
Q: How do I install this product?
A: This is a highly customize product. In order to install these RGB LED Angel Eyes Rings for your BMW headlights, you need to bake and open up the stock headlight lamps to place the LED Rings inside and seal them back. Therefore we highly recommend professional installation.
Q: Where do I tap the power?
A: You can disable the stock H8 angel eye ring marker bulbs and tap the wires there, then use the wireless remote to control the color and pattern flashing change.
Q: When I have the wires hook up, the Rings only light up green or not light up at all?
A: Please refer to the Common troubleshooting for this RGB BMW Angel Eyes Ring set here.
Q: Can the RGB rings stay at a solid color without flash?
A: Yes, you can set the rings to stay at any of the 7 colors without flashing.
Q: How come the white color of this RGB rings looks kind of weird?
A: For the RGB rings, the white color is mixed with Red + Green + Blue, therefore it is not exact "White" like a single color white LED look.


For Vehicle Brands/Model: Volkswagen
Volkswagen Model: Golf
Golf-Year: 1998
Brand Name: HochiTech
Item Type: Day Light
Model Name: for VW Volkswagen golf 4 GT 1998-2004
External Testing Certification: EMARK
Item Weight: 0.4kg
Item Diameter: 0inch
Material Type: LED
Special Features: daytime light and decoration
color: Red grean Blue yellow white and so on
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