Vinyloscopy by Traveler’s JP Abboud

Calgary, Alberta is home to a traditional heavy metal band who's keeping it old school.


Their latest record, Terminal Shock, dropped a couple weeks ago.

Singer, JP Abboud was good enough to tell us about his records.

Check it!

1. Listening to Black Sabbath's eponymous debut the night I got it blew me away. What's the album that sounds the best on vinyl compared to digital sources? 

Definitely Genesis - Selling England by the Pound.

2. I was laying in bed one night and couldn't sleep and I figured, it was time to start buying records. 

How did you come to the idea that it was time to start buying vinyl instead? 

Woah, I mean, I had a killer outing when I was 17 iIthink in like....2004? I found, at a now defunct record store called Car City Classics, the first three Exciter for 99 cents, Grave Digger - Witch Hunter, Grim Reaper - See You in Hell.

Then I went to a salvation army down the street and Charlie from the band shitfucker sold me a record player that I still have to this day.

3.For my old stuff, it's vinyl worthy, for new stuff, it's all vinyl if available. Do you buy everything on wax or do you have a vinyl worthy category? 

If I can find it I get it, vinyl is the preferred format though.

4. My second living room is where I keep it all. Upstairs, my 1971 Sherwood 7100-S, Receiver, 1975 Pioneer PL-200, and 70's Sansui 5 way speakers. Tell us all about your vinyl set up. 

I have the same Panasonic plastic consumer stereo from 89 with a broken tape deck (both slots) and its own cute little power amp inside.

Direct speaker hook ups. It's probably not the best but it's LOUD and I can't give it up.

5. Do you read the lyrics and go over the inserts when you're spinning? 

I used to go over lyric inserts and booklets a lot more when I was younger but I still do now

6. When someone says, I'm stupid for buying records, I tell them, thanks, more limited edition colored vinyl for me, what's your answer?

Heavy Metal is the gift that keeps on giving. My heroes are all regular people, their works are all significant, and vinyl rules.

In Metal you get to go to Mt. Olympus and dick around and have fun all the time. Those who don't get it can enjoy their money and empty bare walled apartment, LOL!

7. My first album ever was Live Evil by Black Sabbath, so I'm stuck on live albums. What's the best live album on vinyl? 

Oh man, I'm gonna have to go with Rainbow - Finyl Vinyl, close second is Live After Death

8. Tell me about your latest vinyl release. 

Our newest release Termination Shock has no wasted space, wasted times, or filler tracks. You get something that every participant put 100% into, pure power and passion, a solid conceptual idea but nothing that keeps us in any kind of box!

9. Listening to records is my comfort food for my soul. As mentioned earlier, I have a living room dedicated to it. I normally drink a beer or two whilst listening to music I love. Describe your normal listening experience. 

I am listening to music while doing literally anything, so you're asking me to describe when my eyes are open!

You can purchase Termination Shock on vinyl LP at .

Stream/purchase the album at: #Vinyloscopy #Traveler
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