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Most baby bath tubs are made of lightweight plastic, portable, and small, so you can easily put them anywhere you want. Some are made to rest over or inside a sink, while others rest inside adults’ bathtub.

There are hundreds of baby bath tub models on the market today, but you only need something effective as opposed to fancy. The best baby bath tub has rounded edges and corners throughout and should support your toddlers to keep them safely in place.

To help you get the best model for your specific need, here we will review the top 10 baby bath tubs on the market today. Later we will look at what you should consider when buying your toddler’s bath tub.
By: Britney Duda Top 10 Baby Bath Tubs Review for 2019
Here are the top 10 baby bath tubs on the market today.
1. The First Years Sue Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub Buy from Amazon
This baby tub with hammock sling offers a deep ergonomic design that is ideal for holding your baby well during bath time. The included mesh hammock supports your newborn and offers additional comfort. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your baby falling during bath time.

Another great feature of this unit is the form-fitting net that provides extra security for young ones, making bath time more enjoyable for baby and parents. As your child grows, you can easily get rid of the sling and later let the padded headrest offer support to your child.

The tub also comes with a specially made bump that prevents your baby bum from sliding down. When kids get older, they can easily sit comfortably and have enough space to play in.
2. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub Buy from Amazon
Munchkin White Hot Tub allows you to have the right water for bathing your toddler without guesting or testing. This award-wining tub has a special white dot that changes to white when the water is hot and turns blue when it is right.

The tub features a contoured headrest and is 100% padded for your kid’s total comfort. Furthermore, you can easily deflate this tub and fold it to take it with you when travelling. Ideal for kids of between 6-24 months, this tub will ensure that your baby grows with it.

The unit also offers a textured non-slip surface that keeps your child secure and also has a convenient inflatable construction. These two features combine to provide a comfy and safe environment for your child to play and splash around.
3. Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub Buy from Amazon
The Summer Infant Bath Tub has a comfort height that provides maximum support for the baby and the parent during bath time. This is made possible by the raised center. It also comes with an additional tub that makes it easier and comfortable to reach your kid during the bath.

Another feature of this unit is the newborn bath support that provides a comfortable incline for your child. One thing about this baby tub is that you can place it in your bath tub or sink to avoid water from splashing around.

Its large tub construction supports young children up to 2 years. And you can easily convert this unit to stand-alone or act as a step stool. One final feature of this unit is the locking tabs that snug fit between base and tub.
4. Primo EuroBath Pearl White Buy from Amazon
This tub makes bath time fun, convenient, and safe for both the parent and the baby. It is like having an additional pair of hands for the parent. Actually, this is the first “smart” bathing tub since its solo anatomical shape keeps your baby in the perfect bathing position and also prevents your child from sliding.

The double position and extra-large size of the tub make it perfect from the first day to the second year of year kid. It also features a patented European design which is safe, reliable, and stylish. Your baby is safely supported under kid’s arms as well as between the legs to aid prevents your baby from sliding down.

As babies become toddlers, they can easily change positions when taking a bath. Actually, you child can sit in the tub since there is a post to hold on to.
5. Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tub 3 In 1 Smart Sling Buy from Amazon
This tub grows with your child through 3 stages and is the only tub you will ever need for your toddler. It comes with slings that lock into 2 ergonomic positions: lower for sitting position support and higher for entire body support.

Another great feature of this unit is the comfort-edge and dual layered mesh construction that securely supports your child from toe to head. These slings adjust to a softened seat that effectively supports your baby when learning how to sit.

You can easily remove the slings when your baby has learnt how to sit and easily bath your kid in a spacious bath tub. There is no uncomfortable plastic bump.
6. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Buy from Amazon
Froggie collection bath tub offers the ideal sized surface for bathing your little one. It is also an air cushioned bath tub that you can easily place on all flat surfaces or in a padded space. Another feature of this unit is the saddle horn that keeps your baby in place to prevent them from sliding down or around the tub.

Furthermore, the tub comes with a convenient drain plug at the bottom that enables you to release the water easily. It is constructed of 100% phthalate-free material which means that it is safe for kids’ use. It is also inflatable.
7. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub Buy from Amazon
Babies grow rapidly – in both developmental skills and size. With 4 distinct stages, now featuring a unique stage 3 Site-Me-Up Support, this unit is the only tub you will ever want for your children. It will grow with your kid from the newborn stage to toddler stage.

It helps your toddler to feel secure and comfortable in the bath tub at all the four stages. These stages are Stage one, which comes with a mesh sling that gently supports your newborn in just the ideal amount of water.

Stage 2, known as Baby Stopper stage, comes with inserts that keep your infants at a reasonable incline on a soft-foam. The other stages are the Sit-Me-Up stage that supports babies when they start to seat and the Stage 4 called Toddler. Toddler occurs when you remove the material that makes up stage 3.
8. Blooming Bath Lotus Buy from Amazon
The ideal way to provide your baby the much-needed bath is to use the Blooming bath Lotus. This tub comes from one of the best bath tubs produces and is quite affordable. Actually, this is a better alternative to using a tradition baby bath tub.

Cuddly and super soft to keep your baby happy as well as comfortable during bath time, the tub is easy to use. It also makes the parents have an easy time when bathing their children.

Another feature of this tub is the 4 petal design that is perfect for most sinks and is recommended for children of 0-6 months.
9. Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub Buy from Amazon
Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub enables you to restore your newborn smile. Actually, with this tub, you can easily deal with the 2 common kinds of children: the clean and the dirty one. To transform your kid from a dirty one to a clean one, this bathtub allows you to soak your children.

Furthermore, the tub comes with a counted back and an adjustable bump to ensure that your kid remains comfortable during bath time. The product fits in most sinks and suits reclining babies via seated toddlers.

And to save you money, this unit comes with a color-changing temperature feature that enables you to know when the water is just right for your kid.
10. Fisher-Price Whale of A Tub Bathtub Buy from Amazon
With this tub, bath time will be an enjoyable time for both the kid and the parent. The tub features a cozy counted baby seat as well as soft foam headrest that keep your baby comfortable. So, your kid can get squeaky and splash around when taking bath.

And as your kid grows, so does this unit get bigger. Simply get rid of the newborn seat and add more room on the surface for your developing toddler. One thing, the surface is non-slip.

Also, the tub fits most bathtubs and sinks and comes with an innovative flush drain technology. So, clean your child more effectively while having fun with this bathtub.

Refer more the product: Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Grey
Buy from Amazon
The Bath Support features s a ergonomic design that with soft mesh material that’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Additionally, its quick-dry, hygienic and mildew- resistant material allows water to drain easily from the bath support and dries quickly with drain holes.
Type of Baby Bathtubs
Baby bathtubs come in different styles and can be classified as follows:

Basic Infant Tubs – Most of these tubs feature a sloped surface so your kid can lay on at a specific angle. They also come with foam which prevents your kid from slipping and allow them to relax.

Tubs with Mesh Slings – These tubs feature internal nylon mesh cradle slings to support newborns. You can easily remove the support when you child grows up. Some also come with rods.

Convertible – These units are meant to grow with your child. They are quite secure for a child and big enough to hold older kids. They support kids of between 6-24 months.

Tub or Sink Sling Inserts – They are fabric covered and resemble a bouncy seat for an infant. They also come with a sling that supports your baby when taking bath.

Collapsible to use in the adult tub – Another type of baby bathtub is a fold up a model that is made to be used in ordinary bathtubs.

Collapsible to use in the sink – They are made to be used in a sink that has a structure to hold them.

Spa tubs – They come with a battery-powered unit that generates swirls to create bubbles. Some also come with a mini shower.

Modern tubs – You might have come across tubs that resemble adults’ bathtubs but they are smaller. These units aren’t recommended for toddlers since they are a bit slippery. They are perfect for older children.
Features to Look Out For
What should you look out for to ensure that you get the best tub for bathing your kid? Here they are:
Countered construction with padded lining – It prevents your kid from sliding around when taking a bath. Drain with an attached plug – It makes it easier to empty the tub after cleaning your child. Temperature indicator – It shows one color when the water is too hot and another when it is ideal for bathing a child. Foldability – It comes in handy when storing the tub or when traveling. Handle or hook – It makes it easier to store your bathtub. Overhanging rim – It makes it easier to carry a tub when filled with water. Nonskid surface – It prevents the bathtub from sliding when inside an adults’ bathtub. FAQs About Best Baby Tub
Q: What is the perfect size for a baby bath tub?

A: You shouldn’t buy a tub that is excessively big for your kid since it will lead to sliding around. Again don’t buy a small unit that your child cannot grow with it.

Q: How often should I bath my kid?

A: You don’t need to use your baby bath tub everyday especially if you child is under 3 weeks. For older toddlers, you can use it at least twice a week. Toddlers don’t need to be cleaned every day.

Q: How much water should I use when giving a bath?

A: There is no recommended amount of water that you should use to clean your baby. Just ensure that you don’t under or over fill the bath tub when bathing your child.

Q: Should I bath my baby after feeding?
A: You should always try to bath your baby before feeding it, rather than after.

Q: What is the best material for making a baby bath tub?
A: Most of these products are made of plastic material and also have soft material that ensures your baby remains comfortable while taking a bath.

Q: Which baby should use a baby bath tub?
A: These accessories are meant for small babies of less than one year. They are also ideal for bathing small kids.
With hundreds of options of baby bath tubs being offered today, you will surely have a hard time choose the best from the rest. However, this doesn’t need to be the case if you know your needs and budget. Go through the various models on offer and choose the one that satisfies your needs. This will be the best baby bath tub for you and your kid.

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