Types of Shower Curtain Hooks (Different Shapes & Materials)

Did you know that you can find more than a few types of shower curtain hooks? If youre using any type of shower curtain (except hookless ones), youll need a durable and mold-resistant hook. Lets take a look at the different types of shower curtain hooks available today.

Types of Shower Curtain Hooks, Based on Form

C-Shaped Shower Curtain Hook

As the name implies, this curtain hook is shaped like the letter C. This is probably the oldest hook design, and one of the most commonly used in homes. Set up is pretty easy. You literally just have to insert the lower part of the hook through the curtain holes and then hang them on the rods. You can get different materials and colors for this type of hook. Most of them are made of rubber or plastic, but more material options are available as well.

One downside of this hook is the tendency to create some friction when gliding the curtain a very minor issue.

Carnation Home Fashions C Shower Curtain Hooks Brass

S-Shaped Shower Curtain Hooks

Shaped like the letter S, these hooks are often very durable. Unlike C-shaped hooks, these are typically made using high-quality materials that really last a long time. The top part of the hook hangs with the rod and is a bit bigger than the bottom part, which is where the curtain is hooked. Installation is pretty easy and straightforward.

Just insert the curtain through the bottom part of the S, and the upper part hooks onto the shower curtain rod. Depending on the material used, this can be prone to corrosion.

Carnation Home Fashions S Shower Curtain Hooks, Chrome

Circular Shower Curtain Hooks

As the name suggests, youll get a large ring with these hooks. They have clasps that open and close. You can get these in plastic, but we recommend getting more durable materials. To set it up, open the clasp, insert the curtain holes into the circular ring, and then hang it over the curtain rod. Clasp again to close.

Dual Shower Curtain Hooks

Dual shower curtain hooks let you hang both the main shower curtain and a liner at the same time. It looks like a question mark that has two platforms at the bottom, meant for both the curtain and the liner. These sometimes come with roller balls on the upper part, which is a good thing. Those with no roller balls are more prone to corrosion and damage (more on this below).

Carnation Home Double Shower Curtain Hook, Brushed Nickel


Finally, we have rollerballs. These are probably a huge step forward when it comes to shower curtain hook design. Many consider them as the biggest innovation in the product. These are small, smooth balls added to the area of the hook where you hang it on the rod. The main purpose of these balls is to reduce the friction that happens when gliding the curtain. As a result, you get light and seamless gliding, protecting the shower curtain and rod in the process.

This also prevents 99% of corrosion from happening. The good thing is that they are universally compatible with your shower curtain hooks. No matter the shape of the hook, these rollerballs will adapt and do their job.

24 All Brass Shower Curtain Hook Ring Roller Ball |

Types of Shower Curtain Hooks, Based on Material

You can also base your shopping decisions on the type of material used, instead of form.


Ceramic hooks are cheaper and commonly available. You can find hooks with decorations and detailing, as well as various colors. This makes finding one that matches your current decor easy.

Carnation Home Fashions Color Rounds Ceramic Resin Shower Curtain Hook, Red
Carnation Home Fashions Color Ceramic Shower Curtain Hook, Red (Image: Amazon)


If you want a more vintage or rustic feel, wooden hooks are a good option. You can use these if you have a country or farmhouse motif going on. Theyll fit right in when used in cabins and other spa-like settings. They can really accentuate the design of your bathroom if used right. Note that they might look out of place if you choose to use them in a contemporary bathroom.

Since wood is has organic properties, you would do well to ensure proper and adequate ventilation in your bathroom to avoid getting mold or mildew problems on the hooks. Excessive moisture and humidity can also cause some damage to the material. While most wooden products are treated with chemicals to deal with this problem, it is still a risk that you need to be aware of.

Sequoia Wood Shower Curtain Hooks 12 Pk
Sequoia Wood Shower Curtain Hooks (Image: Amazon)


Metal hooks are also quite common. You can get simple and plain ones that are steel or silver in color. If you want more, you can find hooks with embellishments in them. These will go flawlessly with either modern or classic bathrooms. A good thing about metal is that it is coated to withstand moisture, and is rust-proof.

Moen Shower Curtain Rings, 12-Pack, Brushed Nickel


If you want a glass look without using actual glass (which is impractical in this case), you can go with acrylic. You can find different colors, styles, and shapes available, giving you space to be creative and match your decor as you please.

Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks Rings, Acrylic Shower Curtain Rings Stainless Steel Rust-Resistant Shower Hook Ring for Bathroom Shower Rods Curtain and Liner, Purple, 12 PCS
Acrylic Shower Curtain Rings (Image: Amazon)


Resin is becoming more and more trendy these days because of the unique look that goes with its extreme durability. You can literally enjoy years and years of regular use without damaging it. Plus, there are so many colors and designs to choose from!

Carnation Home Fashions Sheffield Resin Shower Curtain Hooks Antique Gold


Probably the most abundant type is plastic. Its also the most basic one. If you dont need or want much fuss in terms of embellishments, and if you dont want to worry about corrosion or rust, plastic is a no-brainer. Theyre quite sturdy for their price, which is on the lower end. Theyre also pretty easy to use.

Shower Curtain Rings Plastic Hooks Solid or Clear Colors Set of 12, Solid White
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