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Today I am sharing my GetSafe Medical Alert review and my grandparents would have definitely approved of too! I have the actual GetSafe In-home medical alert system by The Bay Alarm Company in my hands and I a very impressed with the quality and ease of setup.

For those of you who are new around here, my grandparents (my dad’s parents) lived with us for over 7 years before passing away in 2017 and 2019.

My grandfather was especially involved in my daily blogging activities and loved reviewing products with me.

GetSafe Medical Alert Review

I can remember when we first partnered with Bay Alarm Medical Company back in 2017.

The first partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. My grandfather had started to fall a lot and we had called 911 a handful of times to help get him up. Definitely not a fun time in my life. The last couple years of his life were not easy :(.

I remember The Bay Alarm Company reaching out via a PR firm I was working with asking if we would be interested in trying out some of their medical alert products.

It was as if it was a sign from God (and I’m not overly religious) saying, “kid, get your grandparents signed up with a medical alert system!”

I seriously could not believe the timing so I jumped at the chance.

Needless to say, we got both of my grandparents hooked up with the latest and greatest at the time, from The Bay Alarm Company.

Todays GetSafe In-home medical alert system

So lets get talking about the GetSafe In-home medical alert system!

GetSafe medical alert provides easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable peace of mind.

Unlike traditional medical alert systems, GetSafe is designed to keep loved ones protected – all without the need to wear a button.

The GetSafe In-home medical alert system and 24/7 emergency monitoring is available at an affordable cost and in my opinion is imperative.

The cost is menial in the large scheme of things and when my grandparents were alive, I didn’t tell them how much a month it cost. It wasn’t a lot (like a few cups of coffee a month!) but to them, a dollar was a lot. I told them, you can’t put a price on safety so don’t worry about it!

Based on my experience it’s so important to have your loved one on board when it comes to a medical alert system.

Keep in mind, most people (especially elderly) have been self sufficient their entire lives so the thought of losing some of that control can be scary for them.

One of the biggest benefits of this GetSafe In-home medical alert system is the ease of use.

What makes the system so easy to use?

The initial ordering process is so easy! Just pick up the phone and call or order online. Easy peasy.

The products come nicely packaged, the font size is large and easy to read and the directions are very self explanatory.

You can tell from the contents in the box and how everything is nicely organized that they created solutions for the caregiver, aging parent or loved one in mind.

How does the GetSafe Medical Alert System work?

You do not need a landline and while there is a necklace pendant option, you also have a base unit for clear two-way talk, voice activated wall putton where you can “PUSH” a button, “PULL” the red trigar or say “CALL 911” for help.

When my grandmother was alive, she LOVED talking to her base unit! .

Both of my parents are in their early 70’s and we have been all living together now for over 12 years.

It’s crazy how fast time has gone by. Many ask why we all still live together and it’s just become a way of life for us. It’s not out of necessity, it just works. .

I hope and pray they both are healthy and mobile for another 30 something years but if not, I definitely know where to go if we are in need of a medical alert system for them.

My mom helped me review the GetSafe Medical Alert system and she was very impressed at how easy it was to hook up.

She also loved how the buttons are very visible and easy to read.

I was one of the main caregivers for both of my grandparents for years and I cannot tell you how much peace of mind The Bay Alarm Company products provide me and my family.

I know from personal experience that if the product is easy to use, stylish and not cumbersome, your loved one in need is more likely to embrace it.

My mom was equally impressed with the pendant necklace option too. She said, “hopefully I won’t need something like this for a very long time but it’s good to know that the technology is available and stylish too!”

If you are in need of reputable and reliable 24/7 emergency monitoring alert system, I highly recommend your try out the GetSafe In-home medical alert system by The Bay Alarm Company.

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