Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: All the juicy rumors so far

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The original Samsung Galaxy Fold certainly made waves — both good and bad — which has led to a fair amount of interest and rumors around the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. For all the good things about the original Fold, its shocking price tag kept most from being interested in picking up the device. Add in a somewhat rocky launch, and it’s easy to understand why buyers may have been apprehensive at first.

Samsung has had time to sort out those issues with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The firm has now shown the ability to make a rather exceptional foldable phone with the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z, and the early sales success of said device has demonstrated that people are willing to buy a folding phone. The time might be just right for Samsung to drop the next great foldable smartphone.

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We’re going to take a look at all of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumors we’ve heard so far. We will update this page as new rumors emerge. Make sure to check back often to see the latest developments from Samsung’s second-generation foldable phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Name and release date

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Samsung tends to be reasonably predictable with its naming conventions, so we’re confident that the next device in the Fold line will be called the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The company could decide to change things up and go with a letter, but we’re learning towards Fold 2.

However, another exciting wrinkle comes from the possible existence of a second, more affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A tweet from leaker and XDA Developers author Max Weinbach claims there will be a Galaxy Fold e device for a far more reasonable $1,100. Weinbach has leaked plenty of info regarding Samsung devices, so his information is usually sound.

The tweet also explains Samsung is working on a total of three foldable phones, though it didn’t reveal any more information about what we should expect from those devices.

The Galaxy Fold 2 price may not be affordable, but thankfully we may see a Galaxy Fold Lite this year.

Later, we learned of a potential device called the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite. The rumor, which was first tweeted by Max Weinbach, claims that the more affordable device wouldn’t feature the same UTG (ultra-thin glass) that came on the revised original. Unless Samsung has made some pretty major advancements, the rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite could be just as fragile as the first foldable from the company.

Interestingly, the rumored processor for the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite is a Snapdragon 865. The chip that’s likely in the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is a Snapdragon 855, which would mean that this one actually has a more powerful processor in it. Additionally, the Snapdragon 865 has 5G support, but the rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite is LTE only, meaning Samsung is actually disabling 5G support manually. Of course, that’s assuming it actually does end up featuring the higher-end processor, as this is definitely still a rumor at this point.

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Whether the device ends up being called the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite or the Samsung Galaxy Fold e, the $1,100 price tag popped up in both reports, so it’s likely that these are the same devices with different names being thrown around.

The potential second foldable phone is a very early rumor right now, so take it with a heavy grain of salt. However, it does make sense for Samsung to try to get a foldable phone with lower specs out in the market to try to hook people into the foldable phone lifestyle.

As far as a release date goes, things have been relatively quiet thus far. Samsung did reveal a window for the device in its financial report, though. The company cited a “new foldable” coming in the second half of the year. Considering the original Samsung Galaxy Fold launched in the second half of 2019 (September 6, 2019, to be specific), it would stand to reason that the follow-up would come around the same time.

More Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks:
Launch Date – We think it will be announced with the Galaxy Note Series which has been happening annually in August since 2015. We would expect shipments to start from September

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) April 27, 2020

A tweet from display industry expert Ross Young speculated the device would be announced in August, with shipments beginner in September. Again, this would fall in line with the release and announcement of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, so it very well could be accurate.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Design

Samsung Galaxy Fold rear cameras

As far as the design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, we’d expect an overall similar form factor to the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a few notable exceptions.

First, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is tipped to drop the large camera notch for a more familiar solution. It’s purely speculation at this point, but it’s likely Samsung wasn’t happy with the unbecoming look of that design. Either way, we can expect to see a punch-hole camera in the upcoming phone, which some users might consider an improvement over the original Fold’s design.

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We’d expect the device to feature both a large internal display that folds and a smaller external display. This is a follow-up to the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, so we wouldn’t expect to see huge shifts in the design.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Specs and features

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review open in hand

There has been a wealth of leaks regarding the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Most of them have come in the form of what to expect from the displays, but we’ve also heard some speculation regarding other features of the upcoming phone.

According to a tweet from Ross Young, the rumored phone will allegedly feature a 6.23-inch screen for the front display with an impressive 2,267 x 819 resolution. That display is likely to come with a 60Hz refresh rate, which makes sense for the external display.

What’s important about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is the folding internal screen that gives the device its name and makes it stand out from the crowd. It sounds like Samsung is making some smart changes to that portion of the phone.

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As we reported, the main display will be quite large, coming in at 7.59 inches. The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was 7.3 inches, so it looks like the new model is going to be a bit bigger. Instead of 2,152 x 1,536, the new Fold 2 will have a 2,213 x 1,689 display. The 372 ppi is a slight bump from the 362 ppi offered by the original.

The main display will be quite large, coming in at 7.59 inches.

Quite possibly, the most exciting aspect of the internal display is the rumored 120Hz refresh rate. That high refresh rate could really improve the performance of the display and could end up being one of the device’s biggest selling points. Whether for gaming or general usage, a 120Hz display is easily one of the most substantial upgrades a phone’s screen can get, so the prospect of having it on a screen that’s well over 7-inches is exciting.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review camera in focus

Another exciting feature is S-Pen support. The phone is close to being a tablet, so having the S-Pen and all of its features makes sense.

As one might expect from a high-end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is tipped to feature 5G connectivity. With mobile data clearly moving toward the speed and performance offered by 5G, it seems all but necessary for Samsung to include it with its latest foldable.

The camera specs for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have also leaked, and it appears that the device will feature the same camera system as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. That means it’ll come with a 12MP wide-angle sensor, a 64MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, and a VGA time-of-flight sensor. In terms of smartphone cameras, not the best you can find in the Android world, but it’s a solid array of lenses that’s versatile in a variety of photography purposes.

The last piece of the puzzle is the processor, as that’s really the backbone of any smartphone. According to an early report, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come with a Snapdragon 855 chip instead of the new 865. Since Samsung started development on the phone several months ago, the company likely didn’t have access to the latest chip before it had to finalize its plans. It’s also possible Samsung may add in the Snapdragon 865 ahead of the official Fold 2 release.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Price and availability

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 price could have buyers feeling a little skittish. According to display industry expert Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the device will sell for between $1,780 and $1,980. That means it’ll sell within the same range of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was one of the phone’s biggest detriments — buyers just didn’t seem to feel comfortable shelling out close to $2,000 for a yet unproven technology. If it does end up at the $1,780 price point, that will make it $200 less than the original, which is certainly better, but still more expensive than most flagship phones on the market.

The tweet then proceeded to narrow it down a bit as well, citing a price of $1,880 to $1,895. That is about $100 less than the previous version of the phone. A drop in price would help sell more devices, though it’s still a bit high when compared to non-folding flagship smartphones.

Obviously, this high price could be a sticking point for some potential buyers, especially with foldable phones still being unproven in terms of longevity.

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We expect to see the phone released in the first few weeks after it’s announced, as that’s similar to the way the original device was announced and delivered. A report from Thelek actually broke down some of the reasons for the higher price. The (UTG) Ultra-Thin Glass displays used in foldable phones seems to be a sticking point between Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display. The latter supposedly signed an exclusive deal with UTG manufacturer SCHOTT that limited its ability to negotiate better prices on the screens, thus keeping the price high for the technology.

There’s a great deal of speculation that Samsung is looking to develop its own UTG displays, but it’ll be awhile before we see that come to fruition.

We expect to see the phone released in the first few weeks after it's announced.

It’s tough to say in which countries the company will choose to release the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It’s a niche device that doesn’t have the same level of appeal as a phone from the Note or S line. However, we’d expect the phone to launch in the US, Europe, UK, and India since those are the countries in which Samsung released the original Fold.

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