Review: Endura Singletrack Windproof Glove

Endura Singletrack Windproof Glove Review



Review by Drew Rohde | Photos by Max Rhulen

This Endura Singletrack Windproof Glove review is one of a long list of riding gloves I’ve tested while trying to find the best cold weather and winter mountain bike gloves. As someone who suffers from poor circulation and chronically cold hands, finding gloves of varying thicknesses is important as temperatures can vary greatly during our high desert winter riding season. When it comes to winter gloves, options range from thick, cumbersome snow-gloves to minimalistic spring gloves with a thin wind block treatment. Endura does offer a wide range of gloves across the spectrum, but the Singletrack Windproof gloves sit in the mild temperature, warm-blooded glove zone. Depending on how hot you run, this glove could be used anywhere in the 38-48-degree range and provide a comfortable and tactile ride experience.


Built from an elastane, PU, Polyester and Nylon blend, the Singletrack Windproof has a softshell backhand designed to keep the wind out and some heat in, which features some inbuilt knuckle protection. The gloves aren’t exactly puffy with insulation, but they do have a small amount of cushion to them, which helps them keep your hands a bit warmer on cooler days.

Endura Singletrack Windproof Glove Review

Other features include a full-finger terry sweat wipe, a synthetic leather palm with silicone grippers and a thin Velcro strap around the wrist. The strap is rather thin and could be a point of contention for some, but other than taking just a second longer to line up due to the smaller amount of hook and loop real estate, the adjuster worked well and never came undone. Bar feel is something a lot of winter gloves lack, especially the thicker and warmer they get. Since these are a mid-temp winter glove, the palms are thin and void of padding for nice bar feel.

Available in a wide range of colors for a reasonable price of $44.99, the Endura Singletrack Windproof MTB gloves might be the ticket for intermediate temperature winter riding.

Endura Singletrack Windproof Glove Review


For those who aren’t familiar with my personal quest, I am on a mission to review and find the best cold weather and winter riding gloves for varying temperatures. Since I’ve got ice cubes for fingers, I’m usually the first one to don warmer gloves in my riding crew. In fact during the winter I’ll regularly hit the trail with one or two sets of gloves in my hip pack so I can start with the thickest and transition to lighter gloves during the course of the ride.

The Endura Singletrack Windproof gloves offer a nice fit that’s a bit on the snug side. It could be worth sizing up on this pair of gloves depending on how close you usually come to the limit of your size. I enjoyed the comfort these gloves offered as they strike a nice blend of slim appearance and feel, with some solid and effective protection from the wind and cold air. The palm and grip feel was impressive and I never felt like I was riding in a bulky winter riding glove, making them more desirable to wear while riding aggressively. Unfortunately, compatibility with my cell phone with its screen protector wasn’t great, where others can be just fine. Additionally, the thin Velcro strap on the wrist proved to be a touch fiddly to line up at times but worked just fine once it was fastened.

Endura’s Singletrack Windproof MTB Gloves were a great transition set on super cold days, or enough to keep me warm on days in the 40s. I could see riders who have warm hands wearing these gloves comfortably into the mid-upper 30’s. The gloves are impressively warm if you’re moving or have warm blooded fingers, but I found that extended time in cold (32-36 degrees) temps could leave me wishing for a thicker, warmer set, which to be fair, Endura offers. These are not designed to be Endura’s blizzard-ready glove, instead they’re a great mid-temp cold weather glove, and they do a great job at that.

The Wolf’s Last Word

In my personal quest for finding the ultimate winter glove arsenal, my time spent reviewing the Endura Singletrack Windproof MTB Gloves was pleasant. Some gloves get passed on to friends or others who need new gloves, but these will be staying in my gear back as a great mild winter glove or transition glove when rides start in the low 30s but end in the 40s. My only real complaints would be the fact they don’t work well with my cell phone screen protector and the thin Velcro strap on the wrist.

Overall, Endura have done a good job blending slim mountain bike glove performance and feel, with just enough protection from the cold to make them an easy recommendation for riders who regularly see temps in the 38-48- degree range.

Price: $44.99

We Dig

Slim yet warm
Great mid-temp glove
Bar feel
Color options

We Don’t

Could use a thicker Velcro strap
Can’t navigate my smart phone screen


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