Park Beyond welcomes new visioneers – CBT Guide

Hello visioneer!


Welcome to PARK BEYOND! This guide will give you details about all parts of the game that are accessible in this Closed Beta Test build and give you some useful information before diving into the game. 


Please keep in mind that everything you’re about to see and play is still in development and that you might encounter some bugs, glitches, and crashes. We will use your feedback to improve the game, so please make sure to fill in the exit survey.


This Closed Beta Test will be held on PC from May 9th 16:00 CEST to May 19th 16:00 CEST.  


Controllers are supported, although we recommend you use official Xbox or PlayStation controllers to ensure compatibility and a smooth experience.    Capture and streaming are allowed on every part of this build, feel free to share your experience on any platform!   


While the Closed Beta Test will only be held on PC, the game will also be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox S|X.


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In Park Beyond, you can create the parks of your dreams without being held back by gravity!

By playing the story-driven Campaign mode, you’ll learn the basics of theme park building and management. Park Beyond allows you to create breathtaking roller coasters with the easy-to-learn roller coaster editor and defy gravity with impossible modules.

You’ll also have ample tools to manage your parks for financial success. Hire and manage your staff, track trends to tweak sale prices, keep an eye on the different heatmaps to find sore spots in your guests’ experience and adapt your park based on your visitors' likes and dislikes.

Designers and creators will find their bliss in Sandbox Mode. If unleashing your creativity is your focus, select infinite money and create your dream park! But if you are looking for a management challenge, you can also spice things up by choosing your main goals, starting budget, and map.



  1. Tips
  2. Beta Content
  3. Additional Information


1. Tips

  • If you choose the “off rails” option at the end of Mission 1: keep your track level — no going up or down — the ball is made to go in a straight line! 
  • When creating coaster tracks, don't forget to change your track type to have your cart go up steep segments (using the chain lift). This can be changed directly on an already built track, no need to rebuild with the correct type. 
  • Make sure to always check your test train status while building as it won’t test automatically. There is a button to restart the train in case it’s blocked on the way. 
  • When impossification is unlocked, click the element you want to impossify and shake your mouse or joystick to “sketch the new blueprint” (some game elements can be impossified up to 2 times)  
  • When creating a coaster, grey nodes can be used to change a track segment. It is possible to add nodes to an already -segment, in case you want to edit specific segments.  
  • Staff is very independent. They can't be picked up and placed in a specific location. But you can choose their tasks lists through the staff menu.  
  • When building a coaster in Sandbox mode, you'll need to choose up to three "hooks" so that visitors want to ride it. This can be done to finish coasters by getting back in Editor mode (“Edit my ride”) and select the hook menu on the left panel.  
  • You can easily remove path segments while in the path placement mode. Just press delete while hovering your mouse over the segment you want to remove. 


2. Beta Content


Balancing has been tweaked to ease your experience during this Closed Beta, expect the finished game to be more challenging.  


This build contains missions 1 and 2 from the campaign, as well as the Exploration Park and a first look at the Sandbox Mode with limited content. 

You will have access to only 10 flat rides and 8 food and drink shops, but don’t worry, there’s a plethora of each awaiting for the release!

We’ve shared two themes for your constructions: the clean futuristic Park Beyond theme and the good old American Western theme, this will give you a first taste of how you can create different atmospheres in your park. Of course, more themes will be available in the final game such as Candyville, Da Vinci, and more. 


Campaign Mode

Mission 1 – Coaster Creation - ~30min

Park Beyond CBT Guide Mission 1


This part introduces you to coaster creation through the prologue of the game. 


Meet Blaze and Phil, the first two characters in the game’s colorful cast and take part in your first pitch meeting with Blaze, a mechanic you’ll come across in the campaign. This meeting will let you choose your objectives and next steps. 

Follow the white paper plane and instructions to build your first coaster through the city and get comfortable with the controls. 


Mission 2 – Management’s first steps – ~40min

Park Beyond CBT Guide Mission 2


This part introduces you to the basics of park management, through a very simple park that needs some help! 



First part gives you a seat at the table during a pitch meeting, where you’ll have to decide the direction this park will take, namely your target demographic and the theme of the park itself. You’ll discover more about the relationship dynamic between your two new colleagues: Phil, whose ground-breaking ideas also drove the company into a rough patch and Izzy, who’s always keeping an eye on the numbers, making sure the company stays afloat. 


During this closed Beta you won’t be able to choose all target demographics and themes for your park. 


Follow the different instructions and objectives to get acquainted with all the mechanics that will make your park a success. These skills range from placing the right rides and buildings to cater to your target demographic and their basic needs; to how to hire and manage your employees by assigning tasks in the detailed management tabs; and even how to play with pricing by adjusting the price of consumables in your parks’ shops. 


Park Beyond CBT Guide Mission 2-2


Sandbox Mode

Exploration Park ~30min 


Park Beyond CBT Guide Exploration Park


This premade map will run you through everything you need to know before starting on a blank canvas of a map. 



Follow the objective flags around the map, in the order of your choice, to get the basics and a good sense of scale of a park with themed sections that will inspire you before creating your own!


Sandbox map


Park Beyond CBT Sandbox


This next part gives you a full command of park creation and its components. Here you’ll encounter the park rating, amazement level and our unique impossification feature. Even though our Grand Lake map is the only one available in the Closed Beta Test, the final game will allow you to choose between several maps divided between 4 biomes.



Set your difficulty level, starting funds and other options to start fresh on your own terms with all the freedom to run your park but also all the challenges that come with it. Loads of maps with different biomes will be available in the final game! 


You’ll be able to place crazy rides, build different food and drinks shops, as well as use other elements like benches and trash bins for the wellbeing of your visitors. Of course, more will be available when the game releases on June 16th! 


This feature will also open a new world of customization with Modular building. You can purchase the basic working elements of shops and then access the library of assets to create your own buildings and decorate them fully to your taste.


Impossification also comes into play in this mode so keep an eye on your “Amazement” level (the pen gauge in the top left corner) and when it’s full, try it out on rides, shops and even staff! 


Park Beyond CBT Sandbox 2


3. Additional information

Language in the game depends on your Steam setting, it can be changed in game menu. Languages available are as follow:


  • Audio/text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. 
  • Text only: Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Neutral Spanish.  
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