Overwatch 2 Reveals Lifeweaver As Newest Support Hero

Since its launch last October, Overwatch 2 has added an additional post-launch hero in the form of Ramattra, as well as new maps, cosmetics, and more. Season 4, which starts next week, brings players the next post-launch hero in the form of Lifeweaver, a unique support character. In preparation for Lifeweaver's impending release, Blizzard released a ton of new details surrounding the nature-loving character.

Lifeweaver comes to the Overwatch team from Thailand and uses advanced biolight technology, which plays a major role in his abilities. As a result, his kit introduces some new mechanics. First up, his first primary ability, Healing Blossom, charges a luminescent flower, which he sends off to teammates. The longer he charges the flower, the more healing it grants to the recipient. Lifeweaver also has an alternative primary fire called Thorn Valley, where he blasts biolight thorns in a scattered pattern, damaging enemies.

His secondary-fire ability is called Petal Platform. With this ability, he can spawn a flower platform that lifts anyone stepping on it – friend or foe – into the air. The development team views this ability as similar to Mei's Ice Wall, as it allows for strategic teamwork and the altering of the location of any player on the field. Lifeweaver can also dash around the battlefield with Rejuvenating Dash, an ability that is similar to Hanzo's dash.

Speaking of moving other players around, Lifeweaver's Life Grip ability lets him protect allies while pulling them toward his location. The Blizzard team thinks of this almost as a friendly version of the Roadhog hook in that it lets you pull allies out of danger. Finally, Lifeweaver's ult, Tree of Life, grows a massive tree that provides healing energy and cover for his team. 

You can see Lifeweaver in action in the trailer below.

Overwatch 2 arrived on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 4, 2022. While we loved what we played in the initial weeks, the free-to-play live-service elements have become a major point of contention within the community. Blizzard has attempted to make some of those elements more player-friendly, but they remain controversial today.

Lifeweaver joins the fight alongside Season 4 on April 11.