Life After Lockup Season Premiere Recap: Papa Bear Returns

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Some of the most iconic couples from Love After Lockup are back for a new season of Life After Lockup. The initial phase of connecting after prison is one thing. However, the real test is if the relationship can last following that period. Things tend to get harder for the couples. Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are back for another round, so hopefully things are better with her mother.

A few of the biggest hot mess couples are also back. There’s so many this time. None of these relationships are stable or solid. Will Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson fight another season about religion? Should Shane be nervous his pregnant wife Lacey will cozy up to John again? Don’t forget Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons. Will this be the season he finally decides to be a father? Let’s do this!

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Andrea is finally settling into her new life in California. She was profusely against the move, but things have calmed down a lot. It’s about time.

Lamar and Andrea get into it because of his lack of helping with everyone around the house. He’s busy working on his music, so Andrea feels like she’s stuck doing everything. Will these two ever have a happy household? There’s always some issue threatening to ruin this family.

Lamar decides to open up to his daughter Priscilla about a family secret. Lamar has another daughter. When he was a teenager he fathered a daughter, and he hasn’t really been in her life. This is quite the heavy secret to put on a young child like Priscilla. It might be too much for her. Andrea is going to lose her mind once she learns about this.

Lamar is supposed to spend time with his oldest daughter, but she doesn’t react well to the news he wants to bring Priscilla. She doesn’t know if she still wants to meet him for lunch. What in the hell? Why wouldn’t you be open to meeting this innocent child? He is still wanting to connect with her. She is still a priority right now.

Lacey, Shane, & John

John Lacey Shane Life After Lockup

These two are not at all prepared for three babies at once. I cannot believe they’re having so many children. This is the same woman that is constantly flipping back and forth between two men. It’s only a matter of time before she’s wanting to be with John again. Just wait.

Another issue with the three kids coming is the financial burden that’s going to put on them. Shane’s work is so unreliable because it’s all temporary and changes all the time. Lacey is concerned that he won’t be able to support all of them.

Doesn’t she make a ton of money on her OnlyFans page? Just saying. Also, she should’ve thought about that before deciding to have a baby with a 22 year old.

Unfortunately for Lacey and Shane, they get a devastating piece of news at the doctor’s office. Upon examination, it’s revealed that only one of the three babies fully formed. Personally, this is the worst possible news. Financially, this is going to probably bring a bittersweet sense of relief to them.

Marcelino & Brittany

Marcelino Santiago Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

It’s Brittany’s 30th birthday, and she’s throwing the ultimate bash. She’s looking FABULOUS too. I honestly love Brittany and Marcelino. They’ve been able to overcome every obstacle put in their path. These two have always felt like the most solid couple to me.

Brittany reveals she hasn’t spoken to her mother since their last interaction. Her mother has been entirely cut off from the rest of her family. It’s painful to watch. Brittany is at her wit’s end trying to help her mother become a better person. Until her mom decides to seek the help herself, there’s nothing more she can do.

Brittiany’s other sister Kayla talks with her at the party about how she used to be ashamed of her. On the surface that has to sting a bit, but it also shows how far Brittany has come. Now, Brittany has become a role model for Kayla after overcoming her demons.

Marcelino feels like Brittany doesn’t appreciate him the way she should. While drunk she calls him a bunch of names, and he storms away. Well, they WERE solid.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

I am SCREAMING watching Michael dress up like a teddy bear. What is happening here? This show has officially jumped the shark. How weird is it that Sarah and Michael are still legally married? This should’ve been over ages ago.

Does anyone else notice Sarah has an entirely different accent when speaking to Michael? It’s the weirdest thing. A whole new voice comes out of her mouth whenever she’s dealing with him.

Michael gives some insight into being dressed up like a bear. He created a character during his time in prison that would be easy for his daughter to talk to. However, he didn’t have a costume for that, so he had to settle for a teddy bear. I didn’t think these two could surprise me anymore, but here we are. My mouth is agape, and I’m fixated and wanting more.

Sarah’s boyfriend Malcolm is now living with her, and things are going really well. He is able to be the father figure for the girls that Michael likely never will be. What he doesn’t know though is how Michael is on his way to their home dressed in full bear costume.

Michael’s ursine arrival sends Sarah into a tailspin. She is PISSED that he would have the nerve to show up there like this. She bites her tongue around the children, but remains fuming inside.

The girls look like they’re having a blast with their father right now, so it’s best she doesn’t try to pop their bubble. However, it’s ballsy of Michael to show up there like that with no respect for Sarah’s wishes.

MALCOLM JUST SHOWED UP BACK HOME TO FIND MICHAEL THERE. We didn’t get a confrontation at Rayne’s birthday party, but it’s bound to happen this time. My money is on Malcolm if they fight. I think he has what it takes to poach the bear.

It’s incredibly awkward between Malcolm and Michael right now. SO WEIRD. They’re all handling it well so far, but it’s still a bizarre situation.

Michael sits down with Malcolm to hash things out, and it’s actually going well. They’re able to be civil. However, behind his back, Michael says Malcolm doesn’t fit in anywhere. Dude, your relationship has been over for quite a long time.

Malcolm confronts Sarah about the possibility she might have feelings for Michael. DUH!! I’ve been saying this for two years now. On some level she wants to be with that man. It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s obvious there is something there.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Lindsey Life After Lockup

Things are going better for this pair, but Scott’s snoring is complicating things. For the last couple of weeks Scott and Lindsey haven’t slept in the same bedroom. I can’t say I blame her on THAT one.

Lindsey has multiple modeling gigs lined up, but Scott doesn’t see it as a viable career path. I understand where he’s coming from, but he’s being HELLA rude to her. The third degree over everything is enough to drive anyone nuts. I know he recently found a master plan she wrote to con him, but he chose to stay with her. You either trust her or you don’t bud.

I think Scott should be happy Lindsey is taking the initiative to make money. The photographer seems like a nice guy, but Scott is determined to find some sort of issue here. He kept trying to get the guy to see they did porn shoots. If you don’t want her to work at your company, you don’t get a say where she works. This man is next level controlling.

Lindsey’s daughter’s room is FINALLY finished after weeks of renovation. Mylie Grace was so excited about it, and we get a temporary reprieve from the drama between her and Scott. For once they aren’t at odds.

The lack of drama won’t last long because Lindsey has something up her sleeve. She wants her girlfriend to move onto their property. If Scott agrees, her girlfriend’s camper will stay parked in his driveway. Scott you are so naïve my friend. Wait until you find out what your lovely Lindsey is up to.

That’s not the end of her plan though. She wants to take things to another level and eventually have her girlfriend move into the home and the room with them. Scott is a fool if he lets this happen. There is so much deceit coming from Lindsey. It’s time he opens his eyes to the deception and kicks her to the curb.

After Mylie leaves, Lindsey decides it’s time to have a come to Jesus meeting with Scott. No matter how she tries to talk her way out of it, it’s obvious what that letter was about. Saying it was a quote from a book is insulting to Scott’s intelligence.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Quaylon Life After Lockup

To say Shavel is irate would be the understatement of the century. She’s throwing all of Quaylon’s belongings out the window. Clearly something major went down. He finally returned home to her after a trip to see his family, but something is up. Her happily ever after is looking like a nightmare.

Shavel felt like Quaylon was acting distant, so she went through his phone while he slept. When you go looking for that kind of thing it isn’t shocking when you find something. Naturally, her instincts were correct. Something was off with Quaylon. He’s been texting with another woman, and it’s looking like they had sex. WOWZA.

The producer’s encourage Shavel to call the woman that allegedly slept with Quaylon. Of course the woman totally denies even knowing someone with his name. The family and future she’d been planning with Quaylon might be a pipe dream at this point.

Quaylon calls, and she just rips into him about his cheating. He denies everything and tries to play the victim. He is not the type that will ever own up to his wrongdoings. She can accuse him all day everyday, but it won’t change anything.

There are allegedly thousands of messages between Quaylon and other women. He’s been playing Shavel like a total fool this entire time. He hasn’t been sleeping with her, but he has been intimate with these other women. Allegedly I should say. He denies all of the allegations, but the proof is in the texts.

Shavel throws Quaylon out of her home because she wants to set an example for her daughter. She understands that this isn’t the way someone should be treated in a relationship. Despite all of this, Quaylon continues to deny any type of wrongdoing.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Destinie Life After Lockup

Destinie is GONE. Everything is removed from Shawn’s home. Every single item she owns is missing. Is this because of the confrontation with Kelly? What is going on here?

Shawn is scared Destinie might not come back. She won’t answer any of his calls. She’s been gone for over 24 hours, and his mind is racing with so many thoughts about what could happen. To make things worse, he has court in a few days, and he is STILL on the hook for $50,000.

While searching through the bathroom to see which of her things are still there, Shawn finds a pregnancy test box. Holy s**t. A baby is the last thing these two need. First of all, Shawn is already in a weird place with his existing children. Adding another child to the mix is just going to heighten all of the tension.

Destinie is on the run from everything. She’s convinced Shawn is not at all who he claims to be. She isn’t who she claims to be either. Destinie was planning to date women behind Shawn’s back, so why is she such a hypocrite?

To add fuel to the dumpster fire of her life, Destinie might be pregnant. She stole Shawn’s car and credit card, and she plans on living it up. That’s certainly the greatest way to handle your problems sweetie. You keep that up. See what that gets you.

Destinie’s worried she might have an ectopic pregnancy because of the excruciating pain she’s in. A producer travels with her to the emergency room, and things aren’t looking good. Destinie looks like she’s in some serious trouble.


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