Labor Day is supposed to be a day off to celebrate working Americans and the contributions they make to the economy and industry of our country

The three-day weekend is a, “Good job everyone!”, hopefully, spent enjoying leisure activities like picnics and barbeques or a favorite hobby. However, for some, the days get filled up with tasks and chores that have been postponed until now, with three days, it’s time to tackle some big jobs. Like cleaning out the garage.
An organized garage means you don’t have to choose between Labor Day fun and cleaning out the garage
A garage can be that messy secret that interrupts your Labor Day weekend because you know it needs attention and you can hear your mother’s voice in your head, “No playing until your room is clean!” So, what’s in your garage and how will you ever get it organized? Tools for maintenance and home improvement projects Gardening equipment from a hand trowel to a lawnmower Automotive care products and snow tires Sports equipment, including bikes and golf bags Decorations and keepsakes General storage, discards, and boxes Tailored Living® has the solution to a messy garage with custom garage storage cabinets that will transform your cluttered garage and let you have that care-free weekend you’ve earned. Garage storage cabinets are the solution to a messy garage An empty garage may appear to have more space than you’d ever need, but once it starts filling up, suddenly it’s not so big. You make a few stacks on the floor, set up a workbench, family bikes line up on one wall, and when you pull the car in, there’s not enough room to open the doors. Gauging storage by floor space is very limiting. For efficient garage storage, maximizing wall real estate is the way to go, with custom storage cabinets that convert vertical space into lovely storage. Think about it … one floor versus three walls. Storage just waiting to happen!
Floor-to-ceiling garage cabinets create organized storage for everything you need to keep in the garage
Enclosed cabinets hide clutter and keep your garage looking neat and clean. Adjustable shelves inside cabinets allow for storage of large or small items, including sports equipment, tools, and lots of general storage. Custom cabinets can fit around doors, windows, appliances or water heaters, capturing all available space. High cabinets are ideal for seldom-used items, with lower cabinets making everyday items easily accessible. Optional locks keep cleaning products, paint, auto fluids like oil and brake fluid, and garden weed killers and fertilizers safely stored. Custom garage cabinets perfectly fit your space More space isn’t always the solution to efficient storage. Even a small garage can provide lots of storage with custom cabinets designed to fit and maximize the available space. Factoring in the space required to park a car (and open the doors), variable cabinet depths allow for installing cabinets that will fit perfectly in your space. With Tailored Living, it’s never one-size-fits-all and let’s make it work, we design storage that will work in your unique space.
In a small garage, one wall of custom cabinets can become enough storage for all your family’s needs
Upper and lower cabinets around a workbench provide workspace and ample storage. Custom sliding doors are available instead of doors that open out to accommodate really tight places. All our garage cabinets have one-inch-thick adjustable shelves that allow storing heavy items as well as stacks of boxes so there’s no danger of “fallout.” Integrate storage cabinets with other storage solutions Garage storage cabinets are key to keeping any garage organized and clutter-free, but sometimes overall storage is more efficient with a mix of cabinets and other storage like open shelves, overhead storage racks, and wall storage systems like Slatwall. Custom garage storage design takes into consideration what you have to store and the best possible way to organize everything in the space you have.
A combination of enclosed cabinets and open storage keep this garage organized and user-friendly for the whole family
Where cabinets may not fit, Slatwall panels can accommodate a whole wall or fit in small corners to create functional storage. Specialty hooks and attachable shelves or baskets make Slatwall ideally suited for large items like bikes and garden tools, as well as provide a way to organize multiple items. Using Slatwall over countertops and work areas lets you keep the necessary tools close at hand and organized for easy use. Slatwall comes in lots of colors to coordinate with any garage cabinet finish. Overhead storage racks capture highly unused space near the ceiling and keep bulky items from taking up valuable floor space. Holiday decorations, camping equipment, and long-term storage can be up and out of the way with either stationary racks or our Smart Home Collection of automated lifts that take the strain out of overhead storage.
Automated lift systems store even the heaviest items safely with the ultimate convenience of one-touch control
Have the garage you love Garage storage cabinets can get your garage organized beyond your wildest dreams, and in the style and colors, you’ll love. Storage doesn’t have to be boring, and our cabinet colors and finishes will let you design a space you’ll love to spend time in. Traditional wood cabinets come in laminate finishes in a range of colors from White to Cocoa, including real wood stains, and vibrant melamine colors, Crystal Red, Black, and Gary, to liven up your garage. Additionally, a custom garage floor that coordinates with your garage storage cabinets will complete the transformation of your messy garage. Get creative with our PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings in five different styles or choose PremierTrax® interlocking garage floor tiles in 18 colors for unlimited design potential.
Go bold with Crystal Red melamine cabinet doors for a memorable garage experience every time
Never again lose the opportunity of a fun-filled weekend because your messy garage is holding you back! Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today or go online to to find a designer near you. Life will be sweeter with an organized garage at the right price. We can also help eliminate any other hot spots of clutter in your home with innovative storage solutions for closet organization, home office design, pantry and laundry room storage, entryways, and more.
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