Keep clothes pressed and off the floor with new hangers

If you're on the fence about which hangers will work for your needs, you've come to the right place. These hangers are the best of the best, and they'll keep all your wearables wrinkle-free and off the floor.
Keep clothes on the hanger Songmics Velvet Hangers
Staff Favorite

The velvet coating on the body of Songmics hangers prevents clothes from slipping off and falling on the floor. The hooks swivel 360 degrees for easy hanging anywhere, and there's a tie or scarf shelf built-in. For challenging to hang garments and accessories, these get our vote.

£12 at Amazon
For everyday use Kesper Hangers

Kesper has taken a simple plastic hanger and added a few impressive extras. You'll get a swivel hook so that clothes can hang in a wardrobe or on a rod, plus a trouser bar and space for jewellery, ties, or scarves. This affordable pack of ten is inexpensive and perfect for lightweight garments.

£5 at Amazon
Keep your suits pressed The Hanger Store Wooden Suit Hangers

Ordinary hangers leave shoulder bumps on suits. Take a pass on steaming or pressing suits with these suit hangers from The Hanger Store. Broad ends prevent shoulder bumps and wrinkles, and the non-slip middle bar keeps trousers from sliding around.

£13 at Amazon
Travel-friendly TinkSky Portable Hangers

No matter how carefully you pack, travelling tends to leave clothes wrinkled and messy. The travel hangers from TinSky keep clothes fresh and unwrinkled. These packable hangers fold down small enough to fit in your suitcase or backpack and unfold into full-size hangers.

£8 at Amazon
Save space Northern Brothers Trouser Hanger

Wardrobes fill up fast. Make the best use of space with trouser hangers from Northern Brothers. Each S-curve on these hangers is coated with a non-slip material to keep items from falling, and there's space enough for five pair of trousers on each rung.

£15 at Amazon
Just for kids AmazonBasics Children's Hangers

Adult sized hangers stretch out children's garments, shortening the life of their outfits. Amazon Basics' child-size hangers are lined with velvet to hold clothes in place, and they come in six fun colours and designs.

£9 at Amazon
Lock clothes in place Songmics Wood Hangers

The anti-slip clip design of these wooden hangers from Songmics guarantees your garments will never fall to the floor or lose their perfect creases. With 360-degree swivel hooks, these are great for trousers, skirts, scarves, and delicates.

£15 at Amazon
Updated metal hangers Hangerworld Colour Steel Hangers

Old fashioned thin metal hangers rusted over time and gave clothes unsightly shoulder bumps. This update on a classic from Hangerworld improves upon the original design. Each galvanised steel hanger is coated to prevent rusting, while shoulder notches at the edges prevent shoulder bumps and unnecessary wrinkling.

£14 at Amazon
Specifically for skirts Zeller Skirt Hanger

This space-saving hanger from Zeller was designed with skirts in mind, but it can also be used to organise scarves. Clip four skirts to each hanger, and you'll free up space in your wardrobe closet and make wrinkles and unwanted creases a thing of the past.

£7 at Amazon
Padded luxury Apex Homewear Satin Padded Hangers

Delicate items can get destroyed on everyday hangers. The ivory-coloured satin hangers from Apex Homeware are padded to cradle and protect delicates. This set is fantastic for dresses, bridal clothes, lingerie, and woollen items.

£17 at Amazon
Organizing hanger iDesign Scarf Hanger

Folded scarves take up a lot of space in drawers, and basic hangers aren't designed to prevent scarves from slipping off. iDesign's scarf holder has 18 rings designed just for scarves. Made of durable metal, this unique hanger is excellent for scarves, ties, and belts.

£8 at Amazon
If you want our recommendation
Buying functional hangers is an investment that pays for itself immediately. Our favourite hanger comes from Songmics. We adore the non-slip velvet body that keeps clothes on the hangers where they belong. And the 360-degree swivel hooks make it easier to slip clothes on and off hangers.

If you're looking for a basic plastic hanger, it's hard to beat Kesper hangers. The inexpensive models have swivel hooks, rock hooks, and a trouser bar.

And for suits, there's nothing like the gorgeous suit hangers from The Hanger Store. These all-wood hangers have broad shoulders that keep pressed suits looking fine, plus they have a non-slip trouser bar.