Justin Bieber’s Custom Wraith Criticized for 'Ruining a Rolls-Royce’

After its unveiling in 2016, the one-off Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100—codenamed 103EX—toured the world for four years before finding a permanent home at England's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Except it's not a one-off, because Justin Bieber now owns a crazy customized version of the futuristic Rolls concept.

The pop superstar had a 2018 Wraith converted into a twisted take on the Vision Next 100 by West Coast Customs, the Burbank, California-based shop that pumped out ludicrous builds for the first four seasons of the 2000s-era MTV show Pimp My Ride. Instead of an all-electric drivetrain, Biebs' futuristically-styled luxobarge (presumably) runs the factory twin-turbo 6.6-liter V12 and eight-speed automatic transmission. 

However, West Coast Customs' kit does tick many of the Vision Next 100's boxes—an elongated hood, crystalline paint job, enclosed wheel arches, even the permanently illuminated "Spirit of Ecstasy" ornament. 

"Upon seeing the concept car we wondered why such an awe inspiring car cannot exist today.
After years of R&D, we created our own version of the 103EX. A futuristic, awe-inspiring, daily drivable Rolls Royce unlike any other," reads a Facebook post from the official West Coast Customs page. 

Inside Hook reports that YouTuber Gordon Cheng, whose channel is called "effspot," first connected the car to Bieber after the two locked eyes in traffic (Cheng was driving a "Bosozuko"-inspired custom with wickedly long tailpipes that's eye-catching in its own right.) 

Justin Bieber's modified 2018 Wraith and Gordon Cheng's "Boso"
Cheng called Bieber's ride "super dope," complimenting the flush bodywork, hidden door handles, cameras in place of side mirrors, and wild wheel covers. 

"Yea or nay?" Cheng asked the audience his video. "I'm going with yea." 

Other internet commenters pleaded nay. "Ruined a rolls royce" one Twitter user wrote. 

"Yes it's sick admit to the garage," said another in response to TMZ calling Bieber's whip "sick." 

A third tweeted, "It looks like one of those shitty car bath soaps."

So, yea or nay on Bieber's pimped-out Rolls? You be the judge. 

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