Jewelry is a woman’s best friend

When those artistically crafted pieces of jewelry adorn a woman’s necks and earlobes, they instantly glow. Well, the credit for crafting these beautiful pieces goes to the jewelers who design this jewelry and then manufacture them. The clasp of the jewelry plays an equally important role. 

A clasp is considered an integral part of jewelry. It not only keeps the entire ornament secure but also adds to the design. This underrated part of jewelry helps the customers put on an ornament and take it off smoothly without damaging the jewelry in any way. A few clasps are meant to be hidden, while others are designed to be flaunted. 



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While Lobster Claws happen to the best types of clasps for chains, toggle clasps as used for an easy application. Also known as jewelry fasteners, the clasps are an important part of the jewelry. However, choosing the best clasps can be quite a daunting task. The veteran jewelers explain that the clasp needs to be selected according to the ornament. For example, spring ring clasps may be preferable for necklaces and bracelets. Toggle clasps may be suitable for anklets. Magnetic clasps may be used when a quick application is desired. Decorative clasps add to the charm of the jewelry. 

Are the best for jewelry making. They have plenty of benefits and are available in varied shapes that are durable to use. Made of alloy these clasps can be closely buckled. Moreover, they can be conveniently used just by putting the bar in the toggle. They are crafted smartly and have a very simple design that can effortlessly go with any piece. In this article, we will talk about the best clasp to buy for jewelry making. Follow this article to make an informed choice. 

Top 10 Clasp To Buy For Jewelry Making USA
YMCAFZ Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp

You can keep the layers of your necklace from tangling and adjust their length with the YMCAFZ Layered Necklace Spacer Clasp. This spacer clasp reduces the tangling significantly, and it comes in very handy for layering necklaces. They lay nicely and are well separated. The clasp easily slides apart and is easy to put on and remove once you set up the chain. 

It looks and works well with any type of jewelry and is extremely sturdy and helpful. The necklace doesn’t get tangled while wearing this layered clasp, and there are also many different colors available to choose from. Both of the two detangle clasps are made of brass- one silver-plated and the other gold plated. These do not fade easily and are lightweight. This necklace connector is provided with a slide lock as compared to the general magnetic clasp. These necklace clasps are well-suited for pieces of jewelry such as Bracelet, Necklaces, and Multilayer chokers. This necklace connector is safer and is a slide lock as compared to the general magnetic clasp. These necklace clasps are well-suited for jewelry making such as- 

Necklaces, and 
Multilayer chokers 

You can even match and mix any necklaces and change them as often as you want to create endless layering combinations. 


One Gold Plated three strands slide clasps lock. 
One Silver Plated three strands slide clasps lock. 

Easy to use
Value for money
No more tangling problems

Paint wears off in a few days.
Gets easily broken
Hard to open 

Sweet 12Pcs Magnetic Lobster Clasps Kit 

The Sweet 12Pcs Magnetic Lobster Clasps Kit makes taking on and off your jewelry easier. The magnets have enough strength to keep a bracelet and a necklace on. However, be gentle using it. Otherwise, it would break and tear off easily when you try pulling it harder. It comes in various styles to tailor most of your jewelry needs to make your life easier. They are very durable. 

Suitable For– 

People suffering from a disease known as Arthritis 
People who want to convert their pesky necklace clasps to a simple magnetic clasp 

Anyone would love the addition of the great and lovely magnet to the necklaces. 

The magnet is a bit heavy, as it is very powerful. Thus, you need to pull the magnet back a little bit behind your neck so that it doesn’t roll forward. The slight inconvenience mentioned above is due to the presence and the use of the magnets. You can easily attach them with minimal effort, and they stay on for a long time. To easily attach the magnetic clasps to your favorite piece of jewelry, snap it open and close, and you are done! 


Four pieces of rhinestone ball magnetic clasps 
Four pieces of ball magnetic clasps
Four pieces of cuboids magnetic clasps 
Colors available: Gold and Silver 
Length of locking magnetic clasps length: 43 mm/ 1.7 inch 
Diameter of Magnetic Ball: 10 mm/ 0.4 inch 

Magnetic clasp for jewelry
Comes with a velvet bag
Made of durable material
Easy to use

Heavy and pulls the necklace down.
They often come apart.
Gold stars tarnish soon. 

Aiskaer 16 Pieces Magnetic Lobster Clasps  

The Aiskaer 16 Pieces Magnetic Lobster Clasps are unique jewelry clasps that attach easily and stay that way until you want to remove the jewelry. The clasps have a modern outlook that adds charm to your jewelry. Also, you can easily attach them to your necklaces and bracelets. 

There are three different styles of Aiskaer 16 Pieces Magnetic Lobster Pieces available, which include Rhinestone Ball tone lobster clasp, Rhinestone Cylindrical Lobster clasp, and Rhinestone Ball Style Lobster Clasp. 

You can match these clasps with different types of jewelry to attain diverse styles. You just need to snap these magnetic clasps open and close to attach it to your favorite pieces of jewelry. These are easy to use, and the package includes 16 pieces of magnetic clasps. 

There are three different styles, which include-

Rhinestone Ball tone lobster clasp 
Rhinestone Cylindrical Lobster clasp, and
Rhinestone Ball Style Lobster Clasp 


The total length of Rhinestone Ball Style: 1.70 inches (43 mm) 
The diameter of Sphere: ⅜ inches (10 mm) 
Cylindrical Total Length: 1.50 inches (38 mm) 
Spherical Total Length: 1.40 inches (36 mm)
Colors Available: Silver and Gold 
Pink velvet bag packaging 

Powerful magnetic force
Easy to carry and store
Easy to use
Secure application

They pull apart very easily.
The price is on the expensive end.
They often spin around to the front of the neck.
Colour fades in some time. 

PH Pandahall 30 Sets Tibetan Style Antique Silver Alloy Ring Lead Free Toggle Clasp Sets

PH Pandahall 30 Sets Sets are a good quality toggle clasp. You can use them for all types of jewelry. These toggle clasps fit any size of bracelets, and you can choose a closure style from the 30 sets of clasps available. All these clasps have a simple design to go with any kind and type of jewelry.  

These can work as a lovely embellishment addition for the necklaces that close in the front. These can also be used by those who have difficulty putting on a necklace with a small and traditional lobster clasp. These are currently available in six different styles. They offer you great choices for your DIY craft purposes. 


Hook Ring Toggle size: 11.5 mm to 16 mm wide and 15 mm to 25 mm long; hole: 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm, bar: 16 mm to 25 mm 

Quantity: 5 sets of each style; Total: 30 Sets 
6 Styles offered, such as Crown, Ring, Heart, Flower, etc. 
Lead-Free Finish 
Item Weight: 2.4 ounces 

Easy to use
DIY Craft
Wide Application
Provides value for money

Becomes Loose
Small size
Colour tarnishes soon 

Beethoven 120 Set 11 Toggle Clasps 

Beethoven 120 Set 11 Toggle Clasps feature a simple Tibetan design to go with different pieces of jewelry. Mini size clasps at times make your design unbalanced but are easy to work with. But, these clasps feature a Tibetan design that adds to the charm of the necklace. This toggle clasp has a simple yet exquisite design and is of perfect size to go with a piece of jewelry. 

The package includes– 

Eleven different styles 
Total 120 sets of Toggle Clasps 
10 Set for each style 

These styles include a heart, flower, doughnut, and ring. Thus, the Beethoven 120 Set 11 Toggle Clasps go great with Anklets, Extenders, Chokers, Bracelets, and Necklaces.  These are well-suited for scrapbooking and crafting, and are compatible with different materials such as Jewelry Findings like Chains and Jump Rings, Beads, Leather, Gemstones, and Pearls. 


Clasps Size: 12 mm to 17.5 mm wide, 14 mm to 25 mm; T-Bar: 17 mm to 26 mm long; Hole: 1.5 mm to 2 mm 
Tibetan Style 
Colors Available- Gold, Silver, and Bronze 

Easy to use
DIY Craft
Wide Usage

A bit pricey as compared to other options in this list
Few customers have complained about the clasp getting loose over time. 

Aiskaer 8 Pieces Locking Magnetic Clasps

Aiskaer 8 Pieces Locking Magnetic Clasps are magnetic clasps that are drawn together easily when you bring them near to one another, making it very easy to put on your jewelry both from the back and the front. It is an affordable product that looks very elegant and nice and works very well with every piece of jewelry. The magnetic clasps are strong enough to stay clipped as they are supposed to be, and they don’t come apart easily when you take them off. 

Suitable and Recommended for-

People suffering from Arthritis 
People who want to convert pesky necklace clasp to a simple magnetic clasp 

The package includes– 

Silk Gift Bag Packaging 
Four pieces of Gold Magnetic Clasps 
Four pieces of Silver Magnetic Clasps


Total Length: 1.38 inches (35 mm) 
Diameter: 0.36 inches (9 mm) 
Quantity: 8 Pieces 
Features a magnetic latch to connect most jewelry 
Chain extender to add an extra length to your favorite anklets, bracelets, and necklaces 

Available in various shapes and colors
Powerful Magnetic Jewelry Lock
Convenient to use
Durable and beautiful
Elegant and fashionable appearance
You can merge it with minimal effort.

They usually get discolored.
Eight pieces mean four sets (Each set having two halves)

Smile Pack of 12 Pieces Magnetic Lobster Clasp 

Smile Pack of 12 Pieces Magnetic Lobster Clasp is easy to work with and render an amazing application. These clasps have made it very easy to wear any kind and type of jewelry that you own. 

It is a great option if you want to add extra length to your pieces. With these clasps, it becomes extremely easy to put on and take off your jewelry due to the magnets’ presence. These are suitable and specially crafted for necklaces, which are finer and lighter than a medic alert bracelet. Thus, the Smile Pack of 12 Pieces Magnetic Lobster Clasps can be used with any type of jewelry. 

This set consists of 12 pieces of lobster magnetic clasps made of brass with silver/ gold-tone plating. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use this clasp- 

Clip the lobster claw onto your existing bracelet or necklace 
Clip your bracelet or necklace’s closure onto the chain 


Length: 1.8 inch 
Diameter: 6 mm 
Weight: 2.5 grams 
6 Pieces of Silver Color Magnetic Clasps 
6 Pieces of Gold Color Magnetic Clasps
Magnetic latch to connect most jewelry clasps 
Both sides equipped with lobster clasp

Decent and Beautiful
Popular jewelry buckle
Easy to disassemble and install

Sometimes comes apart easily.
Some users have complained of the magnets being weak such that it couldn’t hold their necklace or bracelet.

Among 50 Pieces Lanyard Snap Hook Swivel Clasps, Cnomg Metal Snap Hook Swivel Lanyard Lobster Claw Clasp

There are fifty swivel clasps lanyard snap hooks pieces in this package. They are available in various sizes and can be easily used for a long time. There are a variety of colors available that users can choose from as per their needs. 

It is a perfect accessory for all types of bags. It can also work as a chain if you have lots of cardholders, handbags, backpacks, and wallets. It especially works great as your bag chain activity and is a perfect decoration piece for various DIY crafts. Thus, they can be used for a large number of DIY decorations and are highly convenient, irrespective of their smaller size. Therefore, these can work as a product for long-time use. 

 These swivel clasps lanyard snap hooks are a good partner for the keychains and can hang your key to prevent any losses. You can refer to the image compared to the hand at Amazon’s page to better understand its size. 


Primary Color available: Silver 
Size: 32 mm/ 1.3 inches 
Ring inner diameter: 8.5 mm 
The material used: Zinc Alloy 
Package includes 50 Pieces of Swivel Hooks. 

Does not rust easily
Light in weight
Multi-purpose Silver Hook Clip Set/ can be used for wide applications.
Long-lasting use
Durable and Sturdy
Value for money

Hard to open
Break easily.
Small in size

Kissitty 50 Pieces Silver Large Heart Tibetan Antique Lobster Claw

Kissitty 50 Pieces Silver Large Heart Tibetan Antique Lobster Claw is a sturdy and heavy clasp set. All the clasps are high-quality and have a perfect size. You can use them to suspend delicate earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. These can be used with a chain link or a jump ring to make a complete clasp as the design adds to whatever look you make or want. Perfect for your homemade jewelry, these can either repair existing jewelry or make new charm bracelets and necklaces. They can also be used to organize the keychains, car keys, and house keys in your home. Therefore, it is ideal for your personal use, as well. 


Size: 1 inch long, 0.23 inch thick, 0.55 inch wide; hole: 0.157 inch/ 4 mm 
Made of alloy 
Metal finish: Lead-free, Nickel-free, and Calcium free 

Ideal and sophisticated design
Eye-catching accents
Clasps open and close easily.
Fit for most chain and jump rings
Highly durable

Turns to copper color after use for some time
Not the right size for people looking for bigger clasps 

uGems 2 Sterling Silver Converters Magnetic Clasps

 uGems Two Silver Sterling Converters Magnetic Clasps are tiny yet wonderful jewelry clasps. It takes only a second to clasp them and are pretty easy to handle. This uGems Magnetic Clasp model is made for small lobster clasps and is perfect to increase the length of the tight bracelets. This clasp is easier to open as it can be slid apart easily. 

To use these clasps, attach the spring ring on the converter to the jump ring, which is at the necklace’s end. Then, attach the spring ring on the necklace to the ring present on the other side of the converter. You should not use this uGems Magnetic Clasp if you suffer from a condition where you need to use a defibrillator, insulin pump, or pacemaker even if you do utilize these claps for making only small necklaces. The magnets present may harm your health adversely. Also, the small magnets may pose a choking hazard for small children. 

Suitable for– 

People with long nails
People suffering from Arthritis disease 
When it is really difficult to use regular jewelry clasps 


Made in the United States of America 
Two Magnetic Sterling Silver Tiny Clasps 
Diameter: 4 mm with a 5 mm spring ring attached and 16 mm on a converted necklace 
Item weight: 0.32 ounces 

Good security features
Utilizes very powerful magnets

Not meant for heavy necklaces.
The heat from very warm/hot water (~ 150 degrees Fahrenheit) can diminish the magnets’ strength.

Best Clasp To Buy For Jewelry Making USA Buying Guide 

A jewelry clasp is a functional part that connects two parts of an ornament securely. A few clasps serve a functional purpose without looking too attractive. On the other hand, many clasps have an ornamental design. You need to choose one as per your requirement. Also, while making a choice, you need to consider a lot of factors such as the size of the jewelry you will use it for its shape, etc.

The factors you must consider before buying the best clasp for jewelry making are as follows:


The size of a clasp is of the utmost importance that you need to consider while selecting the correct jewelry. The size of a clasp needs to be proportionate to the size and weight of the jewelry. For example, A heavy clasp should not be used with a small piece of ornament. On the contrary, a small clasp should not be with a piece of chunky jewelry, or it might tear apart.

Strength and agility of the hand

Some clasps may be operated smoothly with one hand. Such clasps require limited dexterity. On the contrary, other clasps need to be operated with both hands. They need nimble fingers. For example, pearl clasps, usually oval, need to be opened or closed with both hands. Hence, they are more suitable for necklaces. Fold-over clasps, as well as toggle clasps, may be closed and opened single-handedly. Hence, such clasps are considered suitable for bracelets. Choose the clasp depending upon the feasibility you require with the clasping process.


Tension, as well as the weight of any ornament, determines whether a clasp can be closed easily or not. It is better to opt for eye clasps as well as hooks for heavier jewelry. They keep the bulk of chunky jewels in control and provide a high level of security.


Certain jewelry requires clasps that must be hidden while the others require clasps that go well with the jewelry. Hence, aesthetics play a vital role while choosing the clasp.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

So, let us quickly discuss a few frequently asked questions and their answers on jewelry clasps. They are as follows:

Can we consider toggle clasps as secure?

Frankly speaking, toggle clasps cannot be as secure as clasps via a lock-type closure. Such clasps can be utilized in securing bracelets and anklets.

Explain the way necklace clasps function.

Generally, add-a-bead clasps are used for necklaces. It has a low profile that allows beads with large holes to slide to the necklace over the clasp. Then, the T-shaped bar is pulled through the open-loop to close the clasp.

Which is the most secure necklace clasp?

Lobster claw clasps are considered the best types of clasps to have for pendants and necklaces.

What is meant by a fish hook clasp?

A fishhook clasp consists of an oval-shaped element (a fish) and a hook. Generally, the hooks are concealed within a clasp. So, it is tricky to figure out. People who are unfamiliar with the technique find it difficult to undo.

How is an “S” hook clasp used?

People need to follow a few steps to use an “S” hook clasp. The steps are as follows:
Move a side of the “S” hook gently
Open it sufficiently to slide on the end of the chain.
Squeeze it back in place for tightening it
Attach the other half of the design with the jump ring
Open an “S” hook curve over the jumping side to wear the necklace or take it off.

How is an “S” hook of the clasp opened?

A few steps need to be followed to open the “S” hook. The steps are as follows:

Utilize those tiny jaws towards the opposite end of a plier’s head
Place the top jaw within the closed “S” hook
Shut down those legs of pliers
The “S” hook opens.

Can an “S” hook be bent?

Yes, it is possible to bend an “S” hook with an S-Hook tool.

Why is the necklace clasp in front?

Some customers are governed by blind faith. If the clasp belonging to a choker is placed to the front, it means some lover remembers a wearer.


Reputed jewelry designers, as well as artisans, are particular about the quality of the clasps. They help the jewelry stay fixed, thus ensuring security. When connoisseurs of jewelry start appreciating the significance of clasps, they will understand their functionality. Fancy clasps constructed of shells and a variety of metals are available in the market. 

Barrel clasps are perfect for bracelets too. In short, we may say the Choice of a clasp may make and mar the jewelry. A few clasps have a complex mechanism. As a result, users may apply excessive force while taking them off, resulting in irreparable damage. So, fragile clasps are of no use in the art of jewelry making. We hope that this article will help you make an informed choice and choose the one that is best suited to your needs and requirements.

Best Value- PH Pandahall 30 Sets Tibetan Style Antique Silver Alloy Clasp Sets

Best Choice- uGems Two Silver Sterling Converters Magnetic Clasps

Premium Choice- Beethoven 120 Set 11 Toggle Clasps 

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