If you’re the type who likes to do all sorts of home improvement and DIY projects then you know that the supplies are not all that matters

Having a proper work environment in which to do all that is important. It may not be absolutely necessary to have a workbench but it would definitely help so why don’t you make this your next project? As it happens we have a few workbench plans and ideas to share with you today so let’s get started.

A workbench doesn’t have to be large or complicated. In fact, the simpler the design is the better because you really don’t want any unnecessary features to get in your way while working. This one right here has a large storage shelf at the bottom and casters and that works like a charm. Check out the details on shanty-2-chic.

If you want more storage for your tools and supplies as well as some task lighting, check out this DIY workbench idea from gingerandthehuth. There’s the storage shelf at the bottom and there’s also the frame at the top which lets you hang a bunch of tools close at hand. you can also hang a lamp so you have extra light when you’re working, for more precision.

A workbench would ideally be extra wide, so you have plenty of room. It would also be great to place somewhere at the center of the room so you can access it from all sides. The design featured on jenwoodhouse is a very good example. Not only is it wide enough but it has lots of storage space at the bottom for the big items and another shelf just below the top for the smaller tools. The casters make it easy to move the workbench where needed.

If you’re building your workbench out of solid wood, maybe you’d like to actually give it a rugged and natural look by keeping the wood as natural as possible. We’re talking tree stumps as legs and a live-edge top. This would actually be easy to achieve if you’re actually cutting the tree yourself. Check out instructables for details.

This DIY workbench is perfect for small spaces and small projects. You can put it in the garage or maybe in your garden shed and it wouldn’t take up much space, plus it would actually look kind of cute. It’s small but solid and durable. If you like the design, check out the details of the project on instructables.

Speaking of small benches, check out this one. It is actually very small but it’s full of surprises, including the folding top which lets you expand the work surface whenever needed and the hidden drawer and storage compartments inside which make it easy to organize the tools and everything else. If you want to find out more about this project have a look at this tutorial from instructables.

If you want to keep the cost of the project low and maybe also to use some of the materials that you already have, consider using pallets or reclaimed wood. You could build the whole workbench out of pallet boards and it would actually be fairly easy to do so. You can preserve the natural patina of the wood if you want to. Check out the details of this project on instructables.

Having a workbench is sure great and practical…when you actually need it. The rest of the time however it just takes up space and that can be a problem sometimes. An interesting and also very practical idea is to have a fold-down work surface, like the one featured on instructables. It’s not just this section that stands out. The pegboard storage system at the top is very clever as well.

Throughout a project you need not only a workbench to cut and assemble things on but also a place to plan everything. You can put those two things together and build yourself a workstation with a whiteboard and maybe some magnets so you can pin things if you want to. Such a project along with a detailed tutorial can be found on instructables.

Storage is also very important, especially if you want to save some space. Consider having shelves, drawers and storage compartments built into the workbench so you can keep all the tools and supplies handy. Also, customize the top and overall structure of the workbench based on the type of work that you know you’ll be doing. Find more details and ideas on instructables.

You might be able to repurpose a desk or a table as your workbench, with a new changes made to it as long as it suits the work you do. A more solid, specialized workbench might be needed in certain cases so take the time to figure out which type suits you best. The storage options are many and they vary a lot. Check out some great examples on instructables.

You can build the workbench with a few other things in mind such as a tool storage unit which you could fit inside. Add some extra storage to the bench in the form of shelves for bigger tools and equipment. The little things can go on top. It’s best to keep the work surface clutter-free but we all know that’s not easy. Perhaps this project from instructables can offer you some inspiration.

A simple workbench like this one for example is a lot like a table or an island. You can give it casters so you can move it around as needed and you can have two or more such units which you can place side by side to form a bigger workstation when you’re working on large projects. You can find the details of this project on instructables.

Sometimes a very simple and basic design really is the best option. That means a workbench with a solid frame and a simple storage shelf at the bottom might just be all you need. if you want to also be able to move it around add casters or wheels and if you want a place to store some small tools add a pegboard or some hooks. Either way, this tutorial from acraftedpassion should help.

If you don’t really have a designated space for all your DIY projects or if you often find yourself working outside in the yard, a portable workbench might be useful. It should be fairly small and it should include built-in storage so you can take with you everything you need without having to constantly go back and forth. There’s a wonderful tutorial on rogueengineer which shows you how to build such a workbench.

This is a modular workbench system which is great both if you’re doing all project in the same space and if you have to move around. There’s a large workbench frame with a big counter and two individual little units on casters which fit inside this frame and have built-in storage for tools and other things. It’s one of the more complex designs which might actually be  worth the extra effort. Check out the project on ana-white.

Storage may be high on your priority list in which case a simple table-style workbench would do just fine. That makes the project very simple and means  you only have to focus on making the workbench strong and sturdy. This one featured on ana-white fits the description. Check out the full project to find out how you can build something similar for yourself.

A simple workbench design is also a good choice if you’re not always working on the same type of projects. In other words, build yourself an all-purpose workbench and pick a structure and a design that are versatile and can adapt to your ever changing needs. Such a project can be found on artofmanliness.

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