I have countless clients ask me what are easy ways they can store their exercise equipment in their basements that also acts as a play area for their kids

We have gotten really creative with some ways to create workout space in open concept basements, segmented basements, and limited space in a basement. I am breaking down my unique ways to organize workout equipment in your basement! Plus, I am sharing how I have gotten our basement organized so I can up my workout game by using a bellicon rebounder…aka a mini trampoline!!

How To Organize Workout Equipment In Your Basement With Bellicon
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Designated Spaces
When you have an open-concept basement, it is best to find designated spaces for your equipment to be stored that is both accessible but out of the way. We have turned closets into storage for workout equipment. It can be an easy transformation to add some heavy-duty shelving in a closet for things like weights and bands.

Group Together
If there isn’t a closet available for storage, find an area within the basement that can act as storage for items that may need to be stored out of reach of the kids. This is for things like the workout bands and workout balls. Large pieces of equipment should be stored together as well, such as the bellicon rebounder.

Store items like yoga mats in baskets and leave out on a shelf. These are items that can be used by the kids without you having to worry about someone getting into something they shouldn’t like weights!
Keep It Safe
No space for things to be locked up? Store equipment in a locked room like the laundry room or storage closet in a different area of the basement. It might not be convenient for you to work out, but it will keep the kids safe while playing around in the basement.

Foldable Equipment
Whenever you are looking for equipment to store in an open-concept basement, find things like the bellicon rebounder that has folding legs. I love this option because you can store behind a door or couch when the kids are playing so it isn’t taking up extra floor space!

Jump on over to bellicon’s YouTube channel to get a real task of some fun workouts you can do on this incredible rebounder!!