How to Make a Flower Arrangement from Things Found Outside

The late former First Lady of the United States, Lady Bird Johnson, said that wherever flowers bloom, there is hope. Maybe it is this reasoning that makes us hurry with flowers to the bedside of those admitted in hospitals, wishing them a quick recovery. Although not everyone cares much about flowers, if you do, then you do not have to spend a lot of time online searching for the ideal arrangement. You can make your flower arrangement from things found outside, so let’s help you get started.
Types of flower arrangements
Before you even collect everything you need for your project, you should know that there are different flower arrangements for varied occasions, although some can be multipurpose. Consequently, if you are not sure of the precise arrangement you want, you can always go for the bouquets; they are not only suitable for sending your condolences but also expressing gratitude, congratulations, or love.

If you are looking to impress your guests during Thanksgiving dinner, how about a table centerpiece, which as the name suggests, you will place at the center of the dining table. Besides Thanksgiving, table centerpieces can also be used in weddings, office parties, Christmas, and any other gathering that requires making a beauty statement.

On the other hand, if Mother’s Day or Father’s day is fast approaching and you have no idea what type of arrangement to make, then settle for the basket arrangement. It can also be given to someone celebrating their birthday or anniversary, as well as send them over to a person who has not been feeling well. If your daughter is wondering how to accessorize her prom dress, then a wrist corsage is perfect. As for the bride who does not want to be holding a bouquet during the entire ceremony, you can help keep her hands free with the wrist corsage too.

Other flower arrangements are named after the shapes they make; thus, you will find oval, vertical, horizontal, S-shaped, and crescent, among many more. Now that you know what arrangement you want, let’s help you make one with everyday objects.
Making a flower arrangement a) using an old tire – Who said wreaths are for laying upon the grave only, you can enhance your home’s aesthetics by having a tire wreath hanging on the door. Therefore if you have an old meal tire and you are wondering how to upcycle, The Craft Patch Blog shows us how to make a wreath. You will need a tire, flowers (you can buy bouquets if you do not have readily available ones from a flower garden), hot glue, floral foam, and a piece of rope. Start by cutting the floral foam into two pieces that fit inside the tire and use hot glue to stick them in place. Then place the big flowers first into the foam and fill it out with the smaller flowers. You can keep rearranging them until you have the ideal arrangement and then use the rope to hang the tire on a hook or nail on the door. Remember that if you prefer a farmhouse look, then you can leave the tire as it is, but if you want a more refined look, then you can paint the tire with whichever color complements the wreath. b) Using a pumpkin – When Halloween is over, and you have some extra fresh pumpkins, here is one way to make a flower arrangement using them. You will also need a knife, scissors, wet floral foam clear plastic, flowers, berries, and succulents. Cut the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the insides, then line the interiors with the plastic sheet. Cut the floral foam into a piece that fits inside the pumpkin then soak the piece in water as you pick your fresh flowers from the garden or separate those from a store-bought bouquet. You should, however, ensure that the flowers you choose have straight and strong stems. Next, insert the wet floral foam into the pumpkin and place your flowers inside then finish off with the berries and succulents. c) Using a birdcage – Home Guides discloses that you can make a romantic bouquet using a birdcage, adding that its structure enables one to create an ideal arrangement of fresh or silk flowers. If using fresh flowers, you should use a low wide glass dish filled with water and put the flowers in such a way that they rest along the edges of the dish. If using silk flowers, then you will need a floral foam cut to fit inside the cage; use a decorative material to cover it then push the stem of the flowers into it. You can then either arrange the flowers to follow the shape of the cage or have some flowers going in between the metal bars and resting against them. What to consider when making flower arrangements a) The essence of the event – It makes no sense to have a small basket on the table when you are hosting a large gala; instead, your arrangement should be just as grand. Similarly, if having an intimate corporate event, an elegant and small table centerpiece is all you need to create the right environment since a big arrangement will only act as a distraction. b) The theme of the event – People are always particular about the color of their décor, so if the child’s birthday party has a pink and white theme, there is no need to spoil it by adding purple flowers. The same goes for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and other events. c) Recipient – Of what use is a flower arrangement if the recipient will not like it? Therefore do your homework; is the person allergic to some flowers, or does she prefer specific colors over others? It could also be that they do not like flowers anyway and would prefer a card instead. Other recipients are so picky that they would like their flowers arranged in a certain way, so leave room for them to meet their specifications by not planting the flowers into the soil.
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