How to make a DIY wreath using a repurposed coat hanger, pool noodle, and greenery clippings from around your house for totally free door decor

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or in my case, desperation to create before I go insane calls for repurposing coat hangers and pool noodles for DIY projects.

That’s what staying home has come to now. Haha!

And you know what? All of this repurposing and using-what-you-have type projects all over social media and blogs these last few weeks, despite the trying times, has reminded me of the fond good ol’ days of blogging.

Remember back when blogs were all very budget-focused and full of innovative ideas and not driven by affiliate links. I miss it. I really do. And even though this blog supports our family, I always try to stick to those thrifty budget roots as much as I can.

Hence: The Pool Noodle Wreath

It’s not as weird as it sounds. Haha! Okay, maybe a little bit.
DIY Wreath from a Repurposed Pool Noodle Supplies Used: 1-2 wire coat hangers (depending on how large you want your wreath) 1-2 pool noodles Scissors or a utility knife Duct tape Scrap burlap, canvas, linen, or any other “natural” looking fabric you might have on hand Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks Artificial greenery and flower stems Wire snips The Steps:
1. Bend the wire hangers first to make it a straight wire. Then bend the wire again into you preferred shape. (I made a heart, but you could just do a traditional circle.)

2. Once you have the wire in the shape you want, cut open the pool noodle(s) on one side.

3. Wrap the foam noodle around the wire.

4. Secure the cut side of the noodle with duct tape to keep the wire in place. Tape the noodle at the ends to secure it as well.

5. Wrap the fabric scraps around the pool noodle and secure them in place with hot glue to cover the noodle foam.

6. Snip stems, flowers, and leaves from your artificial greenery branches with wire cutters. (There’s a benefit of me having a black thumb after all. Haha! TONS of fake plants hanging around here.)

7. Attach the stems, flowers, and leaves to the fabric-covered wreath form with hot glue until the wreath form is fully covered. Tip: Use a wooden paint stir or wooden spoon to press the stems in place as the glue cool and dries to spare your fingers from burns.

We made a little “Thanks, heroes” sign out of scrap wood for all of those working on the frontline right now too. 🙂












You can hang up the wreath with a Command hook or just with some twine on a nail.

We made this additional sign from scrap wood as part of the #BuildThanks challenge on Instagram as a “thank you” to all of the frontline heroes and essential workers out there right now.

If you’d like to join in, check out the hashtag #BuildThanks to get lots of cute ideas to help rally the heroes in your community too.

If you are one of those people on the frontline, THANK YOU for all you do! We’re praying for you!

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