DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath

Valentines is synonymous with hearts. You see hearts everywhere from heart-shaped boxes of chocolates at the store to crafts of all kinds. We love hearts!

So with Valentines close at hand, I wanted to craft a heart from something I could reuse or re-purpose, and at the same time, create a decoration for Valentines Day. And then it hit me; I could use those coffee filters that have been lying around since we got a Keurig. And if youre like us and have used an automated coffee maker before switching to a Keurig, you also have unused coffee filters lying around.

Rather than throw them out or try to find someone who can use them, make a craft. In this case; a mock carnation heart wreath! Heres what you need!

The supplies:

  • Styrofoam heart wreath
  • Pinking shears
  • Permanent ink marker
  • Steel crochet hook or similar object
  • Coffee filters
  • Glue glue gun (optional)
  • Paper plate or other protected surface
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath

The Steps:

  • Working with 3-4 coffee filters at a time, fold the group in half, then fold in half again, and finally fold that into half again. Using pinking shears, cut approximately 1 to 2 down from the edge of the filter. This doesnt have to be exact, nor does your cut. Clip straight across, arch the cut, or an S type of cut. They all work and its probably more important to vary since you dont want them exact.
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
  • Open the filters and remove one for a plain white flower. Using a permanent ink marker, color in the top filter with the bottom filters underneath. Use the paper plate or protected surface to avoid marking the counter or table upon which you are working. Again, no artistic ability needed. Color as shown; dot the filters, or just plain scribble. A variety is best for this project.
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
  • Punch holes into the Styrofoam heart as you work before inserting the mock carnations.
  • Using the blunt end of a steel crochet hook or similar object, place in the middle of one filter. Fold the filter in half up over the hook, and then fold in half again as shown. Now twist the ends around the hook so when you push the filter into the hole, it will stay. Slide the hook out while holding the filter in place. Now using your fingers, pull the edges of the filter out and away from one another to create a carnation-like appearance.
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
  • If desired, you can dab the ends of the filters in glue, or dribble some into the hole punched in the foam heart wreath. Work systematically in filling the wreath. Fill in one area before proceeding to the next to avoid crushing previous flowers as you work. Be sure to mix the plain white filters with colored ones for an effective and pleasing mixture.
DIY Mock Carnation Heart Wreath
  • When finished you may need to fill in light areas that you see. And of course, if desired, ribbons and other embellishments can be added to your wreath to make it uniquely yours. Flocked birds, cardboard hearts etc can all be added for a whimsical and pleasing finished heart wreath youll be proud to display!

How will you complete your wreath! Its so light and versatile that you can display it anywhere and its so gratifying to use up the filters. And those pieces cut from the filters save them you just never know when and how you can use them for another project!

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