Democrats are pouring their money into defeating Lindsey Graham

Please donate to him if you can and, if you’re in S.C., vote for Graham.

To be honest, before 2018, I never thought much of South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham. He was just another middle-of-the-road Republican with too many RINO tendencies and too close a friendship with John McCain.

That all changed in 2018 when Lindsey Graham suddenly understood what was at stake in America:

Since then, while he’s occasionally slipped into thinking that the Senate is the gentleman’s club he once knew, he mostly remembers that America is in an existential battle right now. Graham supports President Trump, and he’s solidly conservative in his values.

I’d better remind everyone once again that we are not looking at parties that have different ideas about the same goal: a mostly constitutional, mostly free market, mostly liberty-oriented America. That shared goal started vanishing under Obama. It’s gone now.

On the one side, we have the party of Trump. Trump supporters believe in the Constitution. They believe in American exceptionalism (which is not the same as pretending in American perfection). They believe that a free market is the best way to bring people out of poverty and (this is for the lefties) to clean the environment.

Trump supporters believe in a traditional moral system that has at its heart the Ten Commandments. You don’t have to believe in God to understand that a society run on Ten Commandment principles will be a safe, successful, and humane society.

Trump supporters believe that external and/or immutable characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation are irrelevant. What matters, always, are a person’s values. You can be a purple, trigender, Martian (here legally, of course), and I don’t care about your skin color, sexuality, or planet of origin, provided that you believe in the Constitution, traditional moral values, the free market, and individual liberty.

Trump supporters believe that the right to bear arms is an intrinsic part of liberty. They understand that there is nothing more dangerous than a government that turns against its people. They understand that bad things will always happen and that there are always going to be stupid and evil people. Nevertheless, the best bulwark for safety and liberty is a moral people’s right to bear arms.

Trump supporters understand that the Wilsonian notion of being the world’s policeman no longer serves America well. They’ve noticed that the Europeans, despite having been saved twice thanks to American blood and gold, are ungrateful. Those who love America prefer the Trump doctrine, which holds that America will avoid warfare, engaging in it only to defend its national interests.

Trump supporters believe a nation without borders is no nation at all, especially when the taxpayers are on the hook for social services that the country also extends without borders. That ought to be a no-brainer but, sadly, it’s not.

Trump supporters believe in small government. They know that they are better equipped to manage their lives and businesses than some vast, faraway government is. They also know that concentrating wealth and power in one place is a recipe for corruption and tyranny.

I don’t need to make a list for the Democrat party, which is no longer left of center but is hard left. It’s enough to say that today’s leftist Democrats believe in the opposite of everything I’ve said above. That is, it’s not that they agree with the ends that conservatives seeks and merely want different means.

Today’s Democrats hate those ends. They don’t want the Constitution, they don’t want liberty, they don’t want the free market, they don’t want us to be one people, they don’t want a right to self-defense, they don’t want borders, and they do want us to spill our blood and gold in overseas wars, provided we can prove that the wars bring us no benefit. This is not me guessing what they want. They’re absolutely open about it.

Lindsey Graham, the once sweet and placid Lindsey Graham, is one of the few things that stands between the Trump supporters’ vision of America and the Democrats’ vision. Graham gets it, as shown in this tweet:

Democrats also get it. That’s why Jaime Harrison, an utterly undistinguished Ivy League leftist, who’s only selling point in South Carolina is that he’s black (S.C.’s population is 30% black), is getting flooded with money. Money talks.

Please do whatever you can to help Lindsey Graham. If you’re a voter living outside of South Carolina, donate money. If you’re inside of South Carolina, make sure to vote for Graham as surely as you vote for Trump.

I probably should remind some that, if you love America, you need to cast these votes even if you’re lukewarm about one or both of those men. This is not an election about candidates. It is, instead, an election that will determine whether America continues as a Constitutional, liberty-loving democratic republic, or if it becomes a one-party socialist nation.

And do I need to remind you how quickly Venezuela fell once it went socialist?

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