Creating a Stylish Room: Even in a Small Space

***This post is sponsored by RewardStyle. All opinions are my own. This Flower Home line is amazing!***

As much as we’d all LOVE to live in a big house with Pinterest worthy design, for most of us, this isn’t the reality. We’ve lived in our small farm house for 8 years now. We bought it because it was literally the only thing liveable on the market at that time in our small town. It’s been a continuous labor of love, and honestly, the perfect “starter” home for us. We’ve brought 4, soon to be 5, of our 6 babies home here and it’s really been a special place for us. That being said, it’s pretty small and I’ve had to get creative with our decor. Of course, I want things to be beautiful, but they also have to be functional, as well as budget friendly.

This is why I am SO happy I have Walmart in my life! Can we just talk about the convenience of shopping online and having everything shipped to my door in 2 days? It’s awesome! Not to mention Walmart has been bringing the most BEAUTIFUL and unique lines into their home department. I absolutely fell in love with the boho chic style of the new Drew Barrymore Flower Home line. These pieces are what you would see in a high end home, but priced reasonably! The combination is a gorgeous vintage style that can’t be replicated.

It was time to amp up my young daughters room. She’s transitioned into a “big girl” room, and I wanted to create a space for her that would last her years to come. I wanted there to be touches of childhood combined with design that would grow with her.

Two issues. I didn’t have a big budget, and I didn’t have much space. I needed room elements that would pack a mean punch, but were relatively easy to change in and out. I also needed to be sure to create some amount of storage for her. If you’ve ever had a small space to plan for, you know this is vital – especially when you’re talking about a kid and all their “stuff”.

The easiest way to change up a bedroom space, in my opinion, is to update the throw pillows. I found two pillows in the new Flower Home line I feel would compliment each other well. Let me just add, the quality is FANTASTIC. Heavy down, and built to last. The vintage floral print fabric is something you’d seen in a interior design magazine. The muted colors are perfection.


My daughter couldn’t keep her hands off the soft velvet pillow. The tassels just take it up another notch. I also added in this bedding. It provided a clean palette to work out, and makes it easy if I ever choose to switch up the decor or color scheme.

Due to the fact my kids share a bathroom, we’re happy to add mirrors throughout the house. It will provide them, obviously as they grow, places to get ready other than the bathroom. Might I just add, I have been looking for an oval mirror like this FOREVER, but most were out of my budget. This one was perfect and fit the space I had so well.

I wanted to pull the room together by matching the vintage floral throw pillow with the curtains. This is one of my favorite pieces and the perfect frame to her window seat. This specific set sold out quickly, but there are other floral options HERE.

Finally, as mentioned before, I needed to add storage space. She has lots of blankets, toys and books that need a place to go. Again, her room is very small, so big pieces of furniture are not an option. These hand woven macrame baskets are not only STUNNING, they also provided a great way to store her things. The best thing is, she is able to put her toys and books in there so much easier than any shelf making them very user friendly for even the youngest of users. The macrame is absolutely breathtaking!

I’m so happy with how the space turned out! She has everything she needs for a room to grow with her little body, plus a happy mom! Every time I look into her room now, I smile. It’s just so pretty thanks to the Walmart and the Drew Barrymore Flower Home line. There are SO many great pieces for your ENTIRE home.
Be sure to go give it a look, and as always shop the post to recreate in YOUR home!

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by Andrea via Home And Garden