Clever & Easy Ways To Add A Feature To Any Room ♥

Image source   Deciding on how to decorate your home is such a fun experience. You get to start a project filled with things you love from start to finish and then get to admire and appreciate your efforts once it's all completed. One great way to make a statement with your decor is to create a feature in your rooms.

This feature will draw the eye to one particular area of your rooms and will be a talking point for any guests to your home. Having a feature is a great way of creating a focal point for a room and then building the rest of the design scheme around this.

Here are some clever and easy ways to add a feature in any room:

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Decorate With Wallpaper
It's so easy to transform the whole feel of a room just by using wallpaper. From bold prints to vibrant colours, the options are endless and there are so many gorgeous textures and colours to choose from too.

There are wallpapers available for any room, with a whole host of interests covered and the joy of wallpaper is that is can be as bold or demure as your personal tastes allow. Wallpaper is especially lovely to use in children's bedrooms and you can even get wallpaper adorned tastefully with their favourite characters.

Create a feature point in any room by decorating with wallpaper on just one wall, or on surrounds of a fireplace or shelving. It will create a lovely feature in the room and will be a talking point for anyone who sees it. Decorate with soft furnishings in coordinating colours from your wallpaper for a cohesive look.

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Make a 'Shelfie' Worthy Display
Who says that shelving has to be boring? Shelving gives a great mix of practicality, storage, and works well as a feature statement too. Making a feature of your shelving is all about arranging it in a way that creates the most aesthetically pleasing look, and then, of course, filling it with things that you love.

Feature shelving is a perfect way to make a statement in a smaller room; this is because it enables you to showcase your belongings, without taking up any floor space. Decorate your shelves with books, pictures, plants, candles, sculptures, artwork and anything else that takes your fancy.

Gallery Walls
Gallery walls are a very popular feature in homes these days because everyone now has access to photography with their smartphones and we all love displaying our favourite snaps or favourite artwork. Creating a gallery wall is super easy too and even if you can't drill holes for hanging hooks, you can use removable strips to hold up pictures.

The beauty of a gallery wall is that your frames and pictures don’t need to match. You can begin with one piece of artwork or a photograph and build up your gallery wall from there. The possibilities for gallery walls are endless. You can add whatever you love and it will still fit in and look beautiful.

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Make Your Fireplace a Feature
Fireplaces have really come back in style and you can make a real feature out of yours by choosing a beautiful surround and making a display out of your mantle. There are so many gorgeous fireplace surrounds to choose from and one for each taste. I love the look of the ornate fireplace surround above, such a lovely, vintage inspired feature to have in a room. I dress my fireplace mantle seasonally, adding flowers in spring and summer and fairy lights, pine cones, candles and anything else I take a fancy to in autumn and winter. It's a cheap way of making a feature in your room but quite a lovely thing to have in your room too. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom you could display your favourite trinkets on top for a personal element to your home decor.
Using these design tips you can create a beautiful feature in any room. #HomeDecor