Banana Republic 50% off Black Friday 2019 Picks for Men

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Banana Republic:50% offfull price NO BR Merch Exclusions

Hey Hey, its Black Friday. And Banana Republic is Half off, which is what they usually max out at, unless youre a cardmember and/or using some rewards on top. But in terms of general discounting? Half off is usually as good as it gets. And it doesnt come around every week. Heres what weve found to be the best of the best at BR for Black Friday 2019.

Vegan Suede Trucker Jacket $99($198)

Banana Republic Vegan Suede Trucker Jacket

Huge thanks to Brad V. for the tip here. He said: This thing is fantastic. Was totally struck by the color in person. You hada review of thevegansuedebomberthat intrigued me but I have no use for another bomber. Thistruckerjacket is phenomenal though. Medium tall fits me perfectly at 63 and 170-ish. Definitely worth an add to the next BR sale round up or the fall jackets post. Done. Thanks Brad! And if you like the look of the sweater, its an all supima cotton number, going for $49.25 with the discount.

Italian Wool Blend Submariner Coat $164.50 ($329)

Italian Wool Blend Submariner Coat

No bomber style here. Just the stand-up style. Italian wool blend. BR always excels at outerwear. Looks like this one has lots of potential too.

Arley Gray Suede or Brown Leather Boots $89($178)

Banana Republic Arley Boots on

Even our shoe expert thought their first run of suede Arley boots were pretty good for the price. Now in a cool gray suede (!!) and a rich looking brown leather (which is noticeably darker in person, as shown above).Budget Higgins Mills. Thats what those are.

Italian Merino Shawl-Collar Sweater $54.50($109)

Italian Merino Shawl-Collar Sweater

Why not just wear a hoodie? HOODIES?? We dont need no stinkin hoodies! Or, wear a hoodie. I honestly dont care.

Slim Italian Velvet Tuxedo Jacket $149 ($298)

Slim Italian Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

What are you doing, New Years Eve? Ill almost certainly be headed to bed, early, because thats what I do on those types of big nights when everyone stays out. But you? You! Youre young and vibrant and ready to (smartly and safely) hit the town! Just be careful out there. Burgundy sizes have gone pretty quick. Plenty of navy left.

Wool Cotton Sweater Blazer $149($298)

Banana Republic Sweater Blazer

A swazer that might even sway the most anti-swazer of dudes.45% wool, 25% cotton, 19% polyester, 11% acrylic. Doesnt look chopped in the tail. Thats good! Sometimes sweater blazers get a little short. Thats not good (to most). Wear it over everything from marled tees to textured henleys to OCBDs. Super versatile. Part of our best blazers of the fall round up. Like the looks of the sweater? You can find that here.

Nicklas Sneakers in Speckled Sole or Mixed Suede/Leather $64($128)

Nicklas Sneakers

Two new additions to the Nicklas sneaker lineup. And theyre not white! Really digging the charcoal gray leather/suede combination with the white soles. Want.

Slim Italian Knit Blazer $149($298)

Banana Republic Slim Italian Knit Blazer

More swazer action. This LOOKS like a navy version of last years gray or burgundy Italian wool knit sportcoats. And if it is? Thats awesome. Because those were awesome. So yeah. Awesome. Knit recycled wool-blend fabric from Italys Marzotto mill. Butterfly lined in the back with lined sleeves. Big potential here.

Brushed Traveler Pants $54.50($109)

Brushed Traveler Pants

BRs hugely popular traveler 5-pockets, only in a super soft, moleskin like, brushed fabric for the colder months. Available in slim, athletic tapered, and skinny fits. Often excluded, but now half off thanks to this no-exclusions deal.

Waxed Canvas Collection $24.75 $79.50($49.50 $159)

Waxed Canvas Collection

Impressive, and quite affordable now that theyre up for the half off deal. Full review of a few of these things can be found here. Prices start at under $25 for that basic pouch, and run up to just under $80 for the briefcase and backpack.

Italian Car Coat in Solid Navy $189 ($378)

Italian Car Coat in Solid Navy

Bless them, they put actually easy to use pockets on this thing. Those side slashes are like 5,298 times easier to use than standard flap pockets. Especially when youve got gloves on and you need to grab your phone or whatever.

Italian Herringbone or Melton Topcoats $199 ($398)

Banana Republic Italian Herringbone and Melton Topcoat

Undoubtedly nice coats. Warm (much warmer than UNIQLOs thin chesterfield coats), but not so heavy or thick that you cant move around in them. Nice fabric, and the herringbone option is nice and subtle. That said, I dont think Id take BRs sizing advice. They say to size up if you plan on wearing it over a suit jacket or sportcoat. I ordered a large in order to do so, Im 510/195 lbs, and I was swimming in the thing. Shoulda gone medium. So, Id say stick with your normal size, BUT be sure it slips easily over your suits and sportcoats all the same. You want a coat that you can wear with relative ease. Not a coat that fights you every time you try to put it on.

Core Temp Slim Fit Chinos $49($98)

BR Core Temp Chinos

Lightweight, breathable, and absurdly comfortable. I wear them year round, but I also run a little warm. Almost always excluded.Full review here. Lots of colors to pick from. Slim fit.

Suede Tote Bag $149($298)

Banana Republic Suede Tote Bag on

Got it and love it. Its got some size to it. Its sturdy. Nubuck exterior and suede interior. Eye catching for sure.

Slim Herringbone Wool Blend Blazer $149 ($298)

Has that wintry speckled/marled/flecked thing going on.65% wool, 25% nylon, 10% silk blend. Subtle herringbone pattern.

Water-Resistant Quilted Bomber Jacket $134.50 ($269)

Looks comfy. And then some. Combines classic bomber looks (sherpa collar!) with the quilted, water resistant goodness.

Merino Beanie $29.75 ($59.50)

Merino Beanie

Its hat season. 100% extra fine merino wool. Which is perfect and hits the balance between affordability and performance.

Reversible Cashmere Scarf $99 ($198)

Reversible Cashmere Scarf

Merino for your head and cashmere for your neck? But why? I dunno. Maybe because youll wear the scarf more often AND in more dressed up scenarios? And these are reversible, so, theyve got a little more visual interest?

Merino Wool Waffle-Knit Scarf $39.75($79.50)

Merino Wool Waffle-Knit Scarf

All right, youre right. A hundred bucks for a scarf is steep. Heres their annual textured merino option, which is also pretty darn handsome.

Rapid Movement Jeans $59 $64.50($118 $129)

Banana Republic Rapid Movement Denim on

Obligatory mention because theyre often excluded from other codes and promos. Full review can be found here. Plenty of fits and washes to pick from. Pair shown above is the athletic tapered in the rinse shade. Size shown above is a 3430 on 510/200lbs.

Italian Merino Wool V-Necks & Crew Necks $39.75($79.50)

BR Italian Merino Wood Sweaters

Its sweater season. The Merino Wool that BR uses for their basic sweaters is not just nice, its quite nice. Not as paper-thin as UNIQLOs stuff (although some people really like ultra-light sweaters), but still not bulky like a traditional lambswool either.

Wool-Blend Chore Jacket $74.50($149)

Wool-Blend Chore Jacket

Boiled-wool like, 60% poly/40% wool exterior, and flannel lined for extra warmth. Also available in charcoal.

Grant Slim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirts $39.75 ($79.50)

Grant Slim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirts

Solid quality, slim fit, lots of patterns and colors. Kinda bummed they still dont make these in neck and sleeve sizing, just the more ballpark S/M/L/XL etc. They DO make tall sizes though. So they got that going for them, if youve got Y axis to burn.

Water RepellentQuilted Vest $84.50($169)

Water RepellentQuilted Vest

You look like fall incarnate. Darrrrrn skippy.Superb comfort and cut, in a gorgeous shade of forest green. Now, also available in navy.

Water-Resistant Mac Jacket $124.50($249)

Banana Republic Water Resistant MAC

Because the simple, navy mac jacket is one of those hyper versatile, crazy useful items that somehow still manages to make just about every wearer look 15% more handsome. Goes with everything. Mostly poly/cotton with 12% cotton woven in.

Wool/Nylon Heritage Mariner-Stripe Sweater $64($128)

Wool/Nylon Heritage Mariner-Stripe Sweater


Norman Suede Chukka Boot $89($178)

Banana Republic Norman Suede Chukka Boot on

All kinds or right. A little sleeker and a little more structure than a desert boot. Plus, the lack of a crepe sole makes them easier to dress up a touch. Super versatile.

Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket $89.50($179)

Banana Republic Vegan Suede Bomber on

A total home run. One of the best of the season.Full review can be found over here.

Wool-Blend Cable Knit Sweaters $59.50 ($119)

Wool-Blend Cable Knit Sweaters

Interesting fabric blend here:41% nylon, 40% wool, 19% cotton. Love that cable knit. Extremely well reviewed.

Suede Backpack $149($298)

Suede Backpack

Im not big on backpacks simply because I wear a lot of sportcoats, blazers, suitjackets, etc. And I find they wrinkle the hell out of even the least likely to wrinkle fabrics. That, and my backpack game peaked in 1989 with my TMNT backpack. That is, of course, a lie. I never had a TMNT backpack. But oh how I wanted one. Leonardo. Thats my guy.

Cashmere Beanie Hat $64.50($129)

100% cashmere. Ribbed knit stitch. Something youll wear a lot if you live in a cold weather climate.

Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean $59.50($119)

B.R. Slim Dark Rinse Japanese Traveler Jean on

Another denim legend from Banana Republic. After almost 1200 reviews on the BR site, these things still have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.Full review here.

Gloves in Suede, Wool Blend, or Leather $49.25 ($98.50)

Banana Republic Gloves

Seems like every couple of years I run out of gloves (they tend to wander off, I should tie them to the ends of my coats like Im a kindergartner) just as the icy weather hits. Dont be like me.

Legacy Jeans (slim, straight, and skinny) $49($98)

Banana Republic Slim Legacy Jeans on

A new addition to the Banana Republic denim arsenal. More than a few colors/washes to pick from.In person review with the slim fit can be found over here.

Marden Suede Monk-Strap Oxford $79 ($158)

Marden Suede Monk-Strap Oxford

More versatile than you might think. I can see these looking great with dark denim, cords, chinos, etc. Sure, theyre a summery shoe (more ideas here), but I think they could pull plenty of duty in the fall and winter.

Shawl-Collar Cardigan Sweater $64.50($129)

Banana Republic Shawl-Collar Cardigan Sweater

All hail the super comfy house sweater which looks good enough that you can wear it out of the house. Another alternative to wearing a hoodie.57% cotton, 33% nylon, 9% wool, 1% spandex is allegedly specially spun for an extra cozy feel. Okay then.

Heathered Traveler Pant in Slim or Athletic Tapered $49($98)

BR Heathered Traveler Pant

Available in both slim ANDathletic tapered. This pleases me greatly. Fabric is a blend of81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% elastane. Lots of fall appropriate shades here.

Hadley Italian Leather Brogue Oxford $79($158)

Hadley Italian Leather Brogue Oxford

Affordable brogue bluchers.Plus theyve got a new burgundy shade (top) too. Super versatile. Of course, gonna be hard not to suggest jeans and a sportcoat for the tried and true smart social-studies teacher look.

Core Temp Dress Pants $59.50($119)

Core Temp Dress Pants on

For those who need a little more polish to their work-pant game. Core temp, but a little crisper, with that dress-pressed crease. Four colors to pick from. Full review here.

Nicklas Sneaker $64($128)

Banana Republic Nicklas Sneaker on

Obligatory mention. Full review here.

Italian Merino Sweater Polo $44.75($89.50)

Italian Merino Sweater Polo on

Grown up casual. 100% extra fine Italian Merino. Can be worn with more than you think. With everything from jeans or cords, to a full blown suit if you dress down the rest of your look (shoes, accessories, etc.) Shown above is a size medium on 510 / 195, but I think I shoulda sized up to a large. Felt a little too slim. Looks good, felt too slim.

Norman Leather Chukka Boot $89($178)

Norman Leather Chukka Boot

More chukkas. Still the Norman silhouette here, but in different leathers. That dark taupe appears to be nubuck? Fingers crossed that it is. Thatd be quite nice.

Slim Italian Corduroy Suit Jacket $149($298)

Slim Italian Corduroy Suit Jacket

A little dashing without giving it the full velvet-jacket treatment. Corduroy is velvet like. But, a bit more subtle.

Italian Leather Cap-Toe Oxford $79($158)

Banana Republic Italian Leather Cap-Toe Oxford

Up your nose, shoe snobs. Conservative shape. Simple cap toe. Ortholite insole is pretty comfy out of the box. Fit seems true. Maybe a half size small if you dont wear thin dress socks with them.

Rapid Movement Chinos $49($98)multiple colors/fits

B.R. Rapid Movement Chinos on

A regular weight chino. Not as airy as the core temp. They do definitely have more stretch than an average stretch chino. Maybe not as stretchy as the rapid movement denim, but, more flexible. 90% cotton, 8% poly, 2% spandex. Clean hook and bar closure front. Tons of colors and fits.

Italian Merino Cardigan Sweater $49.25($98.50)

Italian Merino Cardigan Sweater

Im a huge proponent of cardigans. Yes, they can look dorky on some. But not on everyone.And if you run warm, its a heck of a lot easier taking one of these off (and putting it back on) throughout the day then pulling a crewneck or a v-neck over your head. I wear mine with everything from henleys to t-shirts to OCBDs.

The 50% off no BR Merch Exclusions deal is set to run through Saturday 11/30/19. Not sure what they have planned for Sunday and Cyber Monday? Dont forget that if youre a GAP inc cardmember, you can use the code BRCARD for an extra 10% off at checkout.