90 People Reveal The Worst Things Their Siblings Have Ever Done To Them

Our siblings are our first friends on this planet, and if we’re lucky, they can be our closest and most long-lasting relationships too. But unfortunately, sometimes our friends betray us, and the sting of a knife in the back can hurt much more when it's coming from a brother or sister. 

One curious Reddit user asked others, “What was the most [messed] up [thing] your sibling did that you can’t forgive them for?” And many readers have responded with unthinkable stories. We’ve gathered some of the most egregious familial offenses down below, so we hope these stories aren't too relatable to any of you pandas. As you're reading through them, don’t forget to upvote all of the betrayals that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemies (let alone your siblings!), and if you're reminded of you how lucky you are to have brothers and sisters who love you, now might be the perfect time to tell them how much they mean to you.


My older brother once stole a bunch of my stuff to sell to a pawnshop to pay for drugs. He apologized to our parents for breaking their trust. To this day, he still refuses to apologize to me, because in his messed up logic, it was only our parents trust that was violated. This was over 10 years ago.

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My sibling checked out of any care or responsibility for our elderly parents, left me to handle it all. Doesn't even visit them, hardly ever calls. Only lives 15 minutes away.

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My brother planted drugs in my car - packaged for sale, 5 year mandatory prison sentence - and called the police saying there was a dog locked in a car in front of his house with no water or open windows. Luckily I pulled up at the same time as the cops & showed them my dog was fine, the sunroof was open & he had full bowls of food and water.

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My sister phoned every new employer I had over the years and said bad stuff about me. She would invite me over to diner to find out who my boss was. Then weeks later she would invite me over and ask how it's going at work.

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My brother locked me out of the house when there was a tornado warning. There was blasting wind, rain, and hail, and the sirens were going. I had a full-blown panic attack.

He later laughed at me and mocked me.

Our parents came down on him like a ton of bricks and majorly punished him, but it didn't really work.

This was just one of the many horrible things he did to me. He hated me from the day I was born because he didn't want a sibling. Our parents would punish him but like I said, it only made him worse.

Thankfully, karma finally got him. He wrapped his car around a streetlight two weeks ago.

He can rot in the ground now for all I care.

I may make a post about this in AITA later on.

EDIT: Yes, he died.

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As my grandmother lay unwell in her bed, from what would later turn out to be the first stages of kidney and liver failure...

He stole every single bit of cash in her handbag, over £900 we think.

She died in a delirium, screaming about how one of her grandchildren stole from her. My mother thought it was the toxins in her body.

When my parents found out they did nothing and let him keep the items he bought. This is the not the worst thing he has done in his lifetime.

I will never forget and I will never forgive.

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My family was in Mexico for my step sisters wedding... It was the wedding night and we were all absolutely wasted from drinking free tequila.
After leaving the club on our resort, my step brother and I got into some sort of argument over a movie or something. (I am not sure what happened) but he has always had a temper issue.
I guess I told him I would punch him, so he came at me full speed and football tackled me but lifted me into the air over his shoulders and body slammed me onto my back.
I slammed the back of my head on the uneven rock tiled ground..
Next thing I knew I was at my hotel room about 10 minutes away and a bunch of people were in my room standing over me. My step brother was crying like crazy.
These idiots left me in my room and I slept for 12 hours. Woke up the next day with absolutely zero hearing. Panicked and ran into the shower thinking I had water in my ears. Thankfully it came back within 10 minutes...but then I noticed my temple on the left side of my head was swelling out like a basket ball..
Long story short I had an Acute Subdural Hematoma brain injury.
My brain was bleeding & swelling.
I finished the trip and flew home on a plane, all which should've killed me and didn't get to a hospital until we got home to Canada. Where I was immediately put into a controlled coma state.
This happened in 2011. I haven't worked a normal job since , I'm on disabilities. Worst of all it caused major issues years later which affected me emotionally and painfully with severe cluster migraines. It destroyed my relationship with the love of my life and mother of my child.
My whole life has been altered.

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Still working through this, but I cannot forgive my brother for the crime he is being charged of. I found out over social media, he never told me he was arrested and is currently in trial for these crimes. It is honestly the most f****d up s**t I ever heard of.

My brother is being charged with putting cameras in the bathroom of his place of employment.

I have been having a hard time dealing with this. I know what he did has nothing to do with me or anything I did or didn't do. But I can't help feeling ashamed and sorry for the pain he caused.

ETA: He has been found guilty of all charges.

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Call me fat as an insult in our arguments for years. Said it so much I always believed I was fat... now that I am fat and look on all my pictures of my skinny years, I hate that mo fo. He ruined my confidence even though my body was perfect

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I bought a motorcycle. Before I bought it I had a lengthy discussion with my wife of in case of accident what quality of life of be willing to live with. We talked and she knew my mind. I did have a catastrophic accident. I was in a coma for 42 days. I died 3 times. Talk came about what my quality of life would be afterwards and pulling the plug. My siblings wanted me to live at all cost no matter my wishes. They tried to take my wife's medical rights away. I have a good life, my wife made the right choices but asked me not to subject her to my family anymore. I went no contact.

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Raid my bank account while i wasn't home under the motto of "Sharing is caring."

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My brother has tried to stab multiple people, including me, my friends, and our babysitter, and my mom has done barely anything about it, the most she's done is ground him instead of getting him checked for a mental illness, and we're not allowed to call the cops on him. He also tried to kill my cat. There's a ton more but, that's for another day

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Outed me in front of my homophobic family.

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My brother started a fist fight with me in the kitchen, which led to him knocking me to the floor. He got on top and started choking me, all while our mother was on the phone with 9-1-1 hysterically screaming, "He's killing her, he's killing her! Oh God hurry he's killing her!"

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My sister was sick of sharing the television with my brother and me, and so she had her friends steal our Sega Genesis we had just got for Christmas a few months before.

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My brother told me I would be allowed to see my niece, under his supervision, until she was old enough to "know what you are", at which point he would decide what, if any, involvement I would have in her life.

I'm gay and now have two nieces, the elder of which I haven't seen in nearly 5 years and the younger I've never met. Even overheard a conversation while on the phone with another family member during the holidays, that the elder niece doesn't even know she has an uncle.

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Abandon his son with me for the last 6.5 years....

Nephew is amazing, brother is a piece of s**t.

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When I confided in my older sister that my husband and I had been trying for a baby unsuccessfully for over a year, she sarcastically said yeah I would like to see you with a baby. Was probably the worst thing anyone has ever said to me.

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This is my half-brother who was been my best friend my whole life. He decided to take his dads side after his dad f****d me out of my life savings because he benefited from it. I had the worst panic attack of my life when I found out, I thought I was dying. This just happened last year and we are well into our 30s. Now I’m pregnant with my first kid and he will never know his uncle, which breaks my heart. And I’ll never see my life savings again. My family is s**t.

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Broke in my diary, took pictures of it and sent it to my crush. Its been 3 years, i still cant look my crush in the eye

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I was born with a severe physical disability regarding my eyes (nearly blind). My big brother has always been a total a*****e about this. Sometimes I feel like he completely lacks even basic compassion and he's honestly pretty ableist. He has said countless things that have deeply hurt me but there's one thing in particular I will never be able to forget or forgive him for. Already as a little child, I had to go through numerous eye surgeries. As you can imagine, that was pretty tough for me. The loneliness in the hospital, being scared before the surgery, dealing with the pain post-surgery (for several months usually), having to take all sorts of meds... not the type of thing that kids usually have to go through. When I was 11, I had to undergo one of these surgeries. The whole thing was quite exhausting, both physically and emotionally. I was so happy when I was finally back home. As odd as it may sound, all I wanted was to go back to school. I wanted to be done with the pain and the constant doctor visits and just live my normal life again. During dinner I took off the protective plastic shell because the doctors at the hospital said it would help my eye to heal if some fresh air reaches it. Naturally, my eye was extremely red at the time because I had had my surgery was 1 week earlier. I usually suffer from a pretty painful inflammation post-op that needs to be treated with eye drops. Instead of consoling me or telling me how he feels bad for me, my brother (who is 5 years older) started bullying me in a very aggressive tone, saying things like: "stop looking at me with your disgusting eye" and "you look like a f*****g disgusting monster". He got so angry at me, as though I had deliberately made my eye look this way just to bother him.

In that moment, something inside of me just kind of broke. The fact that I had to go through all of this pain and misery while my siblings were able to live a normal, happy and carefree life already felt quite s****y. As a child, I often asked myself why me. But he called me a "monster" and my eye "f*****g disgusting"... that just hurt so, so badly. I started crying and my dad told my brother to cut it out but of course by this point the damage had already been done.

It has now been over 20 years since this incident and it still hurts me so much that my own sibling would say something like that to me. In my mind, that's different from normal sibling fights where you call each other an a*****e. It is completely impossible for my brother to empathize with my situation and that incident is still the best proof for this.

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My brother got married in Vegas. Our small family isn't the nicest and he was afraid my mom or her husband would make a scene. Nobody was invited. I was completely fine with it. In fact, kind of wanted to do that myself.

Then years later, it's my wedding. What does he do? He made a scene. Tried to fight my husband right after our first dance in front of everyone.

Still love my brother, but man... that hurt.

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My wife and I had been trying for years to have kids. Meanwhile, my Sister was Fertile Myrtle popping the first 2 out without even trying.

My wife and I conceived twins, and we were so excited. We told the family the names were were going to use, etc. We ended up losing them.

My sister doctor shopped around until she found someone that would diagnose her with Infertility and got prescribed drugs that would make it significantly more likely to have twins.

She used the names we had planned to use.

It took well over 10 years before we spoke again

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My younger brother, being the favourite child, would often tell my mum that I abused him when she was at work just to show me he had POWER over me. I would get hit for no reason on a daily basis.

I gave him a left hook once for a seperate argument. Best gift I ever gave anyone.

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I insist on forgetting this, because I want to forgive it, but it's still pretty fresh.

I went to visit my family (I study in a different city now) and a couple days after I came back, I noticed my debit card was missing. I prefer to pay in cash so I didn't need it until then, but naturally, I panicked.

I INSISTED, when the bank lady asked me if I had any younger relatives that could take it, that my brothers would never do such a thing. She convinced me to at least call my parents just in case, because that's a lot more common than the card actually being stolen, and after asking once my mum told me noone came clear.

Two days later, when the police got included, my mom called. Apparently, when my little brother realized how easily he could be caught and held accountable, he confessed to taking the damn card and buying some stupid game with it.

I had to call the police and tell them. Which wasn't easy, for someone with anxiety (it was terrible). My brother apologized, returned the card and the money, and a few months later, proceeded to ask me to buy him an expensive toy this year for his bday, as if nothing happened.

It gets me that I was SO sure. I trusted my family, why wouldn't I? We got along. It hurts. (Aaaand now I'll do my best to re-forget this so it stops making me sad)

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Threw a party at our house while the rest of the family had gone to a funeral out of state. Many people there were kids my age/classmates who went in my room (which was bad enough in my eyes) and stole things. I’ve never felt so violated.

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Two weeks after mom died my sister broke into the house to get her jewellery and money. I was home and changed the locks. She tried her key and when it did not work she came into the back yard and through the sliding glass door. My back was to the door when I heard it open.

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My brother wrote an email to my abusive ex after I told him in secret that my ex was abusive.

I had actually gone to go live in my ex’s country, so I was alone. That was horrible.


When our dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and given months to live, my oldest sister (who basically disowned the family after high school) called my parents house and asked how much life insurance money she was getting. I was very glad that my parents were out and I was at their house to take that call. Dad lived for over a year; she never visited.

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when I was around 12 and my brother was 9, my mom and dad left to go up north for a day (we are in the south) My mom knowing I was responsible, Let me watch my brother for the day until they came back late that night. Problem was we had a VERY toxic relationship in between the 2 of us. a couple of hours later after the parents left(my brother being the psychopath he is with anger issues) got very offended at a stupid sibling joke i said. Instead of normally lashing out he silently went to the kitchen. I casually went to the bathroom and after I was done I came out and my brother from behind me (the bathroom was in a hall so he was at the end and i was walking away from the end) Ran up behind me with a steak knife he heated up with the fireplace outside. my mf as* turned around and ran into my room and locked the door. He was shoving the knife under the door screaming "open up!" He gave up after a while but i still locked myself in the room until my parents came back..

they came back to my brother passed out on the couch with a steak knife in his hand and me starving in my room locked upstairs terrified.

in the end, none of them believed me to this day what happened and my brother still denies it.


My mom went into the hospital last summer. She was in a really bad shape, barely eating, couldn't get up on her own, forgetting who we were and stuff. I didn't know that the day I helped my dad bring her into the hospital would be the last day I would talk to her. We talked about making her a special dinner. I asked her, "but will you eat it?" Because she was eating so little, like I would eat more in one bite than she would eat all day. She said she would. She complained a lot about being cold. I had been waiting for the hospital to find her a proper bed. She was in a bed, but it was something like a waiting room bed. The place was jam-packed, where some very sick people were sitting in chairs. So my mom was lucky to have a bed for the time being. I had to help her get up to use the toilet. It was really hard, even though my mom had lost so much weight, being under 100 pounds. After that the hospital created a policy where no one could visit due to covid. My mom would contract covid two weeks in. She was already so weak, and the hospital staff was doing their best to keep us informed, but they were so over worked. My brother bitched about this, and I understood his anger, but he couldn't be convinced that they hospital staff was over-whelmed and that they still managed to call us every couple days was amazing. My mom would eventually die in the next couple of weeks. We couldn't visit her. There was one day when me and my dad went to see her, and we weren't allowed in this new facility that was JUST covid patients. We got to look at her through the window and call her on the phone, but it was like she didn't understand we were there. It's like she thought she was seeing us on tv. She didn't talk to us on the phone, because the nurse couldn't get her to understand. It was the last time I saw her alive. My brother lives in another state, so this is why he couldn't be there. I was talking to my brother after my mom died, and he was complaining about how his kids weren't in school, and who covid was an over-blown hoax. He predicted that after November (after the election was over) it was all disappear and we won't hear about it again. I didn't say anything at the time, but I was furious with him for saying that. Naturally my brother was wrong about how covid would "go away" and I don't bring it up to him. But I am having a really hard time forgiving him for saying how covid was no big deal, like it didn't just leave my mom to die all alone in the hospital surrounded by strangers.

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I am a middle child. When I was 17, I had worked at Burger King since I was 15, to buy parts for a gaming computer. This was a pretty big build, for 2015. I bought the parts and assembled it on my own. The day after I got it, My sister (14) asked if she could use it, and I *politely* said no. She proceeded to lie to my mother saying that she had caught me watching unsavory content from unsavory websites. Without even checking my browser history to see about the validity of these wild accusations, my mom immediately says I’ve proven that I’m too irresponsible to have a computer, my sister standing smugly at her side. I was sitting at my desk playing Black Ops 2 with my friends confused, forgetting about the earlier conversation. She then proceeded to pick up my water glass and throw it at my desktop. There is a pop and a flash of light from inside the computer and the screen goes black. I ran away from home for like two days to cool my s**t. After the weekend at my friends house (his parents were super chill and didn’t tell mine because they I understood my predicament) I came home to inspect the damage. I learned from my big brother that my mom had poured water on it in the sink. He had tried to save it, but alas, it was f****d. 2,400 Bucks down the drain.


One brother got hooked on drugs and basically stole money from everyone in the family. Stole and sold electronics, etc. He went to rehab several times and it never stuck. He put our parents through so much hardship. He eventually moved on to manufacturing the meth, and wound up doing some time in prison.

When he got out of prison, he was off the drugs, and basically waltzed back into life with the family. He never apologized or took any responsibility, and just went back to normal relationship with everyone else.


Chose her friend over me after her friend said it was 'too much work' to 'deal with me' because I was autistic.


I was 18, she was 14. I was extremely ill- doped up on the daily and bedridden from what turned out to be a slowly dying organ and some undiagnosed digestive conditions. I was in a complete haze for over a year from pain and meds. I technically wasnt allowed to stand by myself or feed myself without help. I didn't get the assistance I needed at home, and hurt myself pretty often just trying to take care of myself, but thats a different story. Point is that I was incredibly weak, underweight, enotionally fragile, and drugged to the teeth.

My sister decided she was jealous of the little attention I was getting and decided to deprive me of sleep as much as she could. Punching me awake, threatening the few things I had that kept me feeling sane, pouring paint on and ripping my things, and then gaslighting me into believing it was all drug dreams and stuff I did myself while high. No one in my family believed me when I complained, and helped my sister gaslight me into believing even if she was hurting me, she was sleepwalking and it wasn't her fault. It only stopped after my then boyfriend heard her screaming at me from the couch downstairs where he was napping and threatened to move me out. I was moved into a different room and allowed a lock on my door as of the next day.

The whole family is dysfunctional. I don't talk to any of them anymore.


Me and my inlet brother were fighting over a pencil king of tug of war style. I had the sharp end pointed towards me and he let go so I stabbed my self in the eye with a pencil.


I have a bearded dragon who means the absolute world to me and my brother got angry at me one day and picked him up and hung him over the stairs like he was gonna drop him and screamed at me.


My younger brother and I grew up in a very religious household. Our parents took us to church 3 times a week. Because of that we also had some religious "action men". Think GI Joe but instead based on people from the bible.

So one day, we were in an argument and mom and dad ask him what's wrong. My brother says, "he keeps messing with my Peter". My mom and dad immediately look at me with a combination of disgust, hate, and rage. That look made me realize what they were thinking.

Immediately I started pointing and hollering, "The doll, the doll, the doll". LOL Good times.

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Claiming I intentionally tried to run him over (I didnt and WOULDNT). Pretty sure he deliberately threw himself at the back of my car, before getting in demanding I drive and screaming at me all the horrible names you can think of, I was an embarrassment and how I should die, he wished i were dead, barely held back from hitting me whilst i was driving. I was sobbing the entire time begging him to get out, an hour later he texted me casual as anything asking if i wanted to go to the pub.... I didnt.


Had to be hospitalized after a suicide attempt when i was 16 where I ultimately got diagnosed with schizophrenia and a few other things, the hospital in itself was traumatic enough but to make it better once I got out my brother was so angry at me for going to a hospital and getting on meds (extremely anti psychiatry and maliciously straightedge and thinks its all just to f**k people up more) that he beat the s**t out of me and told me I deserved everything that happened to me in the hospital (which was a /lot/ of f****d up s**t). He's been my best friend and basically my only parental figure since we were born so this stung bad, and I really didn't need it an hour after being released back into civilization especially when I was that young. Been distant from him ever since.


When my brother was a toddler 3Years old, he took my 14 karat gold charm bracelet and dropped it into the concrete foundation of the house being g built nextdoor. We were never able to get it back.


A few years ago I was seriously dealing with mental issues due to how my family treated me. At some point, I cracked and phoned them to tell them I was taking some time in my own, blocking their phone numbers and I was going to start therapy. My mother was mad at first but eventually she got scared and understood there was no other way; she said sure, take your time and get better. I didn't even phone my father. I only had a good relationship with my brother, he said he would always be there for me, whatever I needed. But my sister. She was so mad saying it was a bummer cause of how it affected her. I was literally crying on the floor saying I couldn't do it anymore and she was MAD because of the inconvenience, after all the times I rooted for her when my family was focused on making her feel bad. It's being years, I got better, improved my relationship with most of them, but I know I will never be able to forget it or forgive her. I tried to talk about this with her once so make her understand how s****y she made me feel and she was like "yeah I think you are wrong, let's agree to disagree". She's not only incredibly selfish, but she's a bad person and it seems no one else sees it just because she's so self focused no one really gets in her way.


My sister is 6'4 and VERY overweight, I'm 5'7 and and not overweight. She has always been jealous of me. She said some horrible things about my baby dying, she's glad my baby died etc. She made a fake fb page about me using pictures off my profile and saying I'm a prostitute with my address. She also taxied to my house in the middle of night drink off her a*s with her skinhead boyfriend and him to attack my then boyfriend. She now tries to act like nothing has happened and wants to act like we're best friends.


Oldest sister - I was living with her while going to college. I took a semester off and she and her husband said if I wasn't going to college then I needed to pay rent or move out. I thought that was fair. After thinking about it, I decided to move out because I didn't enjoy living with them and was only doing it to save money. When I told them, they kicked me out immediately and tried to keep my stuff. I had to call the sheriff to get my stuff. My sister's husband added the bonus of calling me a whore because my boyfriend came to help me move out.

Middle sister - when I was in 4th grade and she was in 10th grade, she told me I had to wash and iron my own clothes (back when you had to iron). I didn't know how to do either of those things so I kept hanging my dresses up and wearing them again. Our working mom found out and ripped my sister a new one. My mom had told her she had to do the laundry and ironing so my sister told me I had to do it to save herself some work.


Does just not including me in anything for years count? My mom died during covid. I couldn’t be there cause covid exposure. Finally made it into her hospice room she had passed. Then she brings up last incident of ignoring me for a family event and gives “reasons” well my final reason is my mom is dead and I no reason to even try or hope to have contacts. So I no longer do


I can't say that I don't forgive him, because I truly love my brother, he helps me more than I can repay him. But he don't take mental illness seriously.

I recently got into a very weird situation with a girl and, being me, got really f*****g sad about it, was crying in the porch, he saw me and yelled at me on how I got attached too fast to a "girl I barely knew" and that I was faking a breakdown in order to use it as a clutch to run away from my problems.

He only saw how bad things was when his wife sat down with me and we started talking about this, and he was hearing it, I think he's trying his best to understand my problems tho.


My dad was an alcoholic for 9 years and it was a really bad time, as anyone can guess. My dad always swore that the last time he drank would be the last time he would ever drink, but of course it never was (he eventually got help for it) well one time, I don't remember the exact conversation, my older brother made a joke about how pathetic my dad was for drinking and not being able to stop himself

I've never wanted to hit someone more in my life. I was 13 at the time and if he said anything even close to that now, I would've hit him without hesitating


Just all the s**t she stole from me or f****d me out of, and all of the things of mine that she ruined. I've been feeling better about these things through therapy, but I'll never ever give her any money, and I'm not going to trust her again.


We just moved, first day of school at a new school, I believe it was third grade. It has rained the night before. My older sister, walking to school with me, put her arm around me, as if to comfort me, then proceeded to trip me into a mud puddle. Ran off screaming with delightful laughter while I picked myself up, covered in mud. Looked like an idiot the whole day, had to answer questions dozens of times, even by the teacher in front of everyone.


My older brother threw a soccer cleat at my head. I managed to duck in time, but there is still a hole in the wall a decade later.


My oldest brother dropped out of Penn State after my parents paid his full tuition. He also took all the money he was supposed use for books and living expenses and decided he'd rather move to Manhattan to start a new life for himself as a drug dealing, party promoting, gay male prostitute.

It put a huge financial strain on my family. I was forced to work full time to stay in my HS and on my hockey team (went to private school and parents were forcing me into a public HS) and to support myself. All while he was living the dream up in NY and traveling all over the world for months at a time.

He cut off all contact for years. But started having financial troubles and just showed up at my parents house one day with an apartments worth of stuff on their front steps. He gave them a BS sob story about working for a failed startup of a friend and manipulated them (he was always their favorite) into moving back home.

He never paid them back a dime.

My theory is he stole money from his drug supplier or from a party he was planning and dipped out, burning all his bridges in NY. Why else would he just show up randomly after a decade? This was more or less confirmed by the giant leather case I found in his backpack, stuffed with large bills.

F**k him SO much.


My dad had a lot of issues and he was super violent towards me when I was a kid. Like beat the s**t out of me over the smallest thing on a regular basis. He never did this to my older sister (we're both girls). When he died I was 21 and she was 26. My sister told me I deserved everything he did to me. It's been 12 years and I still haven't talked to her again. That was the most hurtful things anyone has ever said to me.


Tried to f**k my husband repeatedly


My sister was the one who told me I was adopted when I was 11. She was 21- so old enough to know that kind of news should come from a parent. It felt as though she was using that knowledge to alienate me from the rest of the family. In actuality, it made me even more loving toward and grateful for my parents. They are wonderful and I’m lucky to have them


We got caught shoplifting. We ran and she knocked my asthmatic a*s down and kept running, like a gazelle sacrificing their buddy to a lion.


One of my brothers scratched my Gorillaz CD while the other stole all my books to prop up his broken bed. Bastard a******s.


My older brother knowind full well that i was scared of everything locked me in a outside shed. I was terrified. When he finally let me out my folks did not believe me.... also did not attend my college graduation because it was just a teachers degree. The sad thing is that i could go on.


I had 148 Pokemon caught on my Pokemon Red when my sister saved a new game over it.


Stole my medication after back surgery. He was here to help, not hurt.


Tried to Gaslight me into believing the abuse from my dad never happened. Momma set her straight, so it's all good now.


When my sister married, she put everyone from her side of the family at one table at the front, and me at a table in the back together with random people.

Many more things happened but yeah I don’t see or speak to her again.

Edit: I came all the way to Spain for this. ?


My Sister stole about 300 dollars from me and my mom over a period of a couple of weeks, she was 7


Called him on his birthday to wish him a happy birthday. He was out drinking with friends from school. They ask him who's on the phone. He answers (mic still on so I can hear him clearly) by saying it's his little brother and then insults me for a laugh. When he got back on for me, I said happy birthday one more time and hung up.


Them existing, will never forgive them for that.

I am the youngest so was basically the guinea pig for all there jokes and insults to be tested on.


I'm painfully socially awkward, and I had this crush on my sister's friend Amber, she's ridiculously gorgeous she was actually a model for a few years. But I was always too afraid to ask her out, anyway she moved several states away and after she moves my sister tells me that Amber had a huge crush on me. Like thanks for the timely info there sis.


She stole money from my grandmother, a lot of it. Who does that to an 82 year old?


February of last year we were with family at thier house and $400 went missing from my aunt's purse. Earlier that day my brother had that amount and said grandpa gave it to him.. he then gave me a hundred dollars. Later the whole house had to empty their pockets. A managed to get the money out of my pocket before anyone noticed I had it.. when my brother went, he didn't have the money. He still lied to this day but says I had some of it too. This incident cause our family to divide for months


My older brother tried to hit my boyfriend with his car when my boyfriend called him out for being an a*****e drug addict.


Honestly just being mean. My brother's not a bad person but there's no specific reason to want to be around him, he's not even pleasant.


My brother, who has always been a problem, basically conned my mom out of over $80k, probably more like 90-100k. He was hooked on booze and pills, and homeless. He used some of the money for a hotel room, but the rest went to his vices. He'd call my mom and tell her he'd be homeless without more money, and this went on for a couple of years. Finally, I told her to say "no". That was in October of some year. I get an email the following January where she confessed that she had continued to give him money but saw the light. She stopped giving him money and he's now clean and lives with his ex-wife, who is some sort of saint. To this day he says that he wasn't "all that bad" and has never acknowledged how he damaged his relationship with my mom, or me. I'll never trust him, ever.


Hours after my Stepdad had died, my older stepbrother turned to my mum and said

"your young enough you will find someone else" argued about who was going to carry my Stepdads coffin before finally refusing to carry my late Stepdads coffin himself. As his choice of who should carry the coffin wasn't picked(it was his uncle from his mother's side, someone who hadn't seen or spoke to my Stepdad in 30yrs).

And people wonder why I call him thrush!


My older sister didn't try to protect me from the physical abuse in our home, and often lied or set up situations that would result in my beating, if she wasn't doing it herself. She was almost never hurt by our parents outside of punishments she "earned" through poor behavior. It would be one thing if she was concerned about her safety if she intervened, but it became apparent to me at an early age that I couldn't trust her and if the negative attention was on me, she could get away with more.

Main abuser was arrested and removed from the house when I was 14 but she wouldn't testify against them and therefore she did not have a restraining order against them, but we both were put in therapy and were informed that she had depression and was exhibiting pathological lying and sociopathic tendencies (too young to diagnose, we were told). She was kicked out of the home when I was 16 for more lying and outside of family funerals, I don't see or interact with her or either of my parents.

Those I'm close to or grew up with know my side, but it's honestly just easier to tell people I'm an orphan because that's how I approach the situation. She has a young family back in our hometown, somehow managed to get a daycare job without graduating high school, and for all intents and purposes appears normal, but I have no intention of willingly seeing any of these people again; too much risk for my family's safety and sanity.


When we were younger he snuck into my room and messed up my dollhouse rearranging all the goddamn furniture.



Oh, I have loads with my brother, I'll list a few.

- He went missing. We couldn't find him. A few days later, someone visited my mother and told her that there was rumours going around my brother had died. My mother was absolutely beside herself. She was a inconsolable mess. I rang around, and eventually got a hold of my brother. He'd purposely got someone to spread the rumour so it'd get back to my mum. When I spoke to him and told him how much he'd worried our mother and how upset she was, he just laughed and said "oh, it worked then. I thought it'd be funny".

- A few days after my grandmother passed away, my brother told our mother that he was glad our grandmother was dead. That he never cared. He faked his tears at her funeral.

- Before he was in his 30's, he had 6 kids with 3 different women. He only goes for 'weak' women, with a lot of issues, that *need* him. All of them have lost the kids. 3 of them have been adopted with 2 of their other siblings (not my brothers) and the other 3 are in foster care.

I'd also like to add, my brother was in his 20's when this all occurred. He wasn't a kid that was "acting out".


He basically made my life hell throughout the entire time we have been self isolating (unfortunately we live together because of uni) and spread lies about me to my parents and sabotaged whatever decent piece of relationship I had with them.


My eldest sister. She was/is mentally, and emotionally, abusing our 83 yr old mother. There is currently an open investigation.
And my younger brother. He is a paranoid schizophrenic, refuses treatment, and told me he was glad our eldest brother was dead and would be overjoyed when I died because I am not a religious zealot (he is) and won’t listen to his ranting and raving. I can pick my friends AND family members I want to have contact with.


We are a family of three girls. Our mom died when we were very young. My older sister got married a year after our father died and didn’t ask my other sister and I to be in the wedding. She only wanted her best friend and fiancé’s brother. Claimed it was a small wedding but had over 100 guests. She was in both of our weddings. Both of her fiancé’s brothers wore tuxedos to the wedding. We were just any other guests.


My youngest brother asked me if I was over "my" kitten (you know how siblings choose pets as their's and all) the *day after she was put down*. Last month, we had an argument, and he used her death against me, saying he was glad she died and stuff like that. Sure, he's not quite twelve yet and I'm seventeen, but he's absolutely horrible to me.


I mean, he is pretty chill, he just broke a Monster High figurine when I was 7 nothing more


He threatened to kill me and physically harm my child. Just no. There is no coming back from that. The reason he did that: I was being a responsible adult and sister and informed him that our children had tried smoking, while at our mother's house, when his child was visiting for the summer.


Getting married and don't involve me. While he was my best man.


My brother made racist comments about my boyfriend then called my sister a c*nt all on Christmas. A few years later he stole my dad's identity and tried to frame him for fraud. He says he's apologized a million times but no one has ever heard him say it...


I dont think this is really f****d up but once me and my little brother had a fight i had him completely on the ground trying to calm him down, he was going crazy, when he calmed down a little i put away my hands and he grabbed a glass cup and smacked it against the left side of my head, the glass then made a little cut on the side of my head, it didnt really hurt but there was a lot of blood and i had a panic attack, luckily my parents came home and took me to the hospital


My sister ruined a total of one wii console, one wii controller, 3 or 4 wii games, 3 Xbox wireless controllers, a wired one, 1 Xbox game. And I think that’s all of the video game related things over my life.


My sister and I got into an argument. She proceeded to grab some Windex and spray it in my eye . We were in high school and we're both in our 30's now and I will NEVER f*****g forgive that s**t.


I became disabled as an adult and my brother would tell "jokes" about how I should be euthanized or how my parents should put me down.


My older sister told my SUPER religious mother that I was bisexual (am actually pansexual). This lead to a huge fight between my mother and me...


I was interested in a girl but my stepsisters friend had a crush on me so naturally, she spread around a rumor that the girl I liked was a whore, convinced my mom that she was a whore, and tried to have her beat up by some other girls.


Almost cause me to go blind.
She jokes about it too. It makes me so mad, to where I wonder why I try to be nice.
She also almost caused me to choke to death once. . . I uh- cut of her circulation, causing her to pass out for about ten minutes. As revenge. She doesn’t remember that though


My sister stole my child's ADHD stimulant medication for over a year.

She emptied the capsules, so I thought he was getting full doses daily. Struggling in school behavior-wise (told teachers he wished they'd die, tried to leave the school building) and academically (to the point where his math scores were at kinder level when he was in 3rd grade, now that he's properly medicated again his scores are grade level).

Not f*****g cool.