50 Cheap and Easy DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor herb gardens, there are plenty of DIY herb garden ideas to choose from that are cheap and easy to make. Many of these garden ideas are perfect for beginners and for small spaces like kitchens, patios, and apartments.

50 Cheap and Easy DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Buying fresh herbs at the grocery store can get expensive. You get a small amount for $2-$4 and the quality usually isn’t that great. You can save a lot of money by having your own DIY herb garden. Herbs are easy to take care of and don’t require much space. The seedlings, potting soil and pots are very inexpensive too. Also, the taste difference between dried herbs and fresh ones is huge!

If you are new to gardening, I recommend you check out these articles before you get started:

What supplies you can get at Dollar Tree:

  • terra cotta pots
  • planters
  • potting soil
  • pebbles and river rocks
  • gardening tools (pruning shears, garden trowel)
  • garden gloves
  • plant labels
  • coconut liners

What you will need for these projects:

  • seeds, seedlings or herb plants
  • potting soil
  • gravel, pebbles or river rocks

Here are the best cheap and easy herb gardens ideas to inspire you:

Wood & Pallet DIY Herb Garden Ideas

 Pallet Vertical DIY Herb Garden: Hanging Planter
pallet + extra planks + chalkboard paint + chalk

DIY Pallet Herb Garden
terra cotta pots + pallet + extra wood boards + outdoor paint + vinyl letters

Super Easy Pallet Planter
old pallet + hose clamps + screws + terra-cotta pots

Wood Planter for the Wall
wood + drill + wood glue + finish nails + spray paint + 2-3′ of rope + small clay pots

Hanging Herb Garden
boards + rope + terra cotta pots + zip ties + drill

Potted DIY Herb Garden Ideas

One Pot Herb Garden
large terra cotta pot + chalkboard labels + chalk pen

Tiered Pots Herb Garden (no source found)

Chalkboard Pot Herb Garden
terra-cotta pots + chalkboard paint + chalk

Burlap Covered Potted Herbs (source not found)
burlap roll + terra cotta pots + herbs & potting soil

Chalk Painted Herb Planters
gray and white chalk paint + terra cotta pots + letter stamps + ink pad`

Hanging Kitchen Garden
clay pots + white spray paint ($1 at Walmart) + rubber bands + jute rope + wood dowel rods +  curtain rings (Dollar Tree)  + curtain brackets

Hanging Indoor Herb Garden 
pots + craft paint + drill + command hooks

Clothespin Herb Planters
tuna can + clothespins + dark walnut stain marker + oil-rubbed bronze spray paint

Crooked Herb Garden Pots
various sized pots with holes + lightweight (but NOT flexible) metal rod

Wall Herb Garden
plastic pots + spray paint + awl + small clear command hooks

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter
copper pipe + end caps + curtain rod brackets + paracord + copper spray paint

Other DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Wood Box Herb Garden
wood box planter + white spray paint + jumbo craft sticks + black vinyl letters

Ladder Herb Garden (no source found)
metal planters with handles + s hooks + ladder

Vertical Hanging Buckets
hooks + vinyl numbers + buckets($1 Target) + narrow picture frame or other backing

Windowsill Herb Garden
wood box planter + wood stain + chalk

Hanging Herb and Vegetable Basket

IKEA Wine Rack Herb Garden
IKEA Vurm + 4 pint glasses + pebbles + + Latex paint + clear chalkboard coating + chalk

Floating PVC Window Herb Planter
PVC pipe + knock-out plugs + eye hooks + s-hooks + chain

Repurposed DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Herb Garden With Old Glass Jars
black chalk paint + chalk + pebbles

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden
pint size masons jars + vintage style mason jar holder

Mason Jar Wall Planter
quart mason jars + hose clamps + 2 pieces of scrap wood + wood stain

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
They sell those jars with handles at Dollar Tree and you could get a cheap metal rack from Dollar Tree too and spray paint it bronze

Hanging Bottle Hern Garden
Scrap of wood + 2-litre plastic bottles +batting + small screws + 2 picture hooks +2 concrete nails  + hammer

Windowsill Tin Can Herb Garden
tin cans + spray paint + chalkboard labels + chalk marker

DIY Copper Tin Can Herb Garden
metallic spray paint + empty cans + wood tags + chalkboard paint + chalk + twine

Table Top Herb Garden from a Pallet
scrap wood  + chalk paint + two handles + mason jars + nails and hammer

Mason Jar Garden Hanger
wood board + mason jars + pipe clamps + triangle ring hangers + hanging wire + picture hanger + chalkboard paint & chalk

Old Kettle Herb Garden
You can get some unique kettles at thrift stores for cheap

Spice Rack Planter
1 Spice rack  + 1 Roll of burlap
You could also do something similar with a metal shower caddy
(you can get them at Dollar Tree for $1)

Old Chandelier Herb Garden
thrift store chandelier + spray paint + sticker letters + s-hook

Coffee Mug Herb Garden

Tea Tin Herb Planters
Large tea tins + hammer+  awl or large nail

Vintage Teacup Herb Garden
You can get vintage teacups at thrift stores for cheap

Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden
empty cans +ribbon +terra-cotta saucer  + drill + twine + tags

Kitchen Herb Garden
galvanized metal planter set + free printable herb garden markers + clothespins

Herb Garden Using A Galvanized Utensil Caddy

Wash Tub Herb Garden
wash tub + magnetic alphabet letters + spray paint

Herb Planter From a Wagon
drill + gravel + old wagon

Shoe Organizer Herb Garden
You can get shoe organizers at IKEA for $5

Basket Herb Garden (source unknown)
You can get large baskets at thrift stores for $2-3

Recycled Shutter Herb Garden (source unknown)

Plastic Kiddie Pool into a Garden Planter
if you already have a kiddie pool that you don’t use anymore, then this is a great way to repurpose it!
kiddie pool + Plastic window screening or newspaper + drill

Hanging Gutter Garden
pvc white rain gutter + gutter end caps + steel cables  + Feeney cross clamps + Feeney steel rods  + galvanized eye hooks

DIY Herb Garden Markers

Chalkboard Markers
chalkboard paint + paint stir sticks + chalk or chalk pen

Clay Stamped Markers
oven bake-able polymer clay + rubber letter stamps

Wine Cork Markers
wine corks + magic marker + wooden skewers

DIY Scrabble Tile Herb Garden Markers
craft sticks + scrabble tiles + hot glue gun

DIY Clothespin Garden Markers
clothespins + acrylic paint. + black marker

Painted Rock Markers
large rocks + permanent marker + clear sealer

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