5 Things You’d Actually Want to Snag From That Vacation Rental

A chair in a fun print, some very nice drawer pulls, and an introduction to vegan cashmere.

Not everyone wants to live in a space that’s styled like an anodyne home share—blond woods, bland midcentury embellishments, longhorn skull wall art—but there are some aspects of these dwellings that appeal. Even the most soulless AirBnB you’ve ever seen will have an occasional moment of something special enough to make you stop, Google, and see if you can find it for yourself.

Ahead, five standout objects that will lend a frisson of excitement to your surroundings, wherever they may be.

Levity’s Scandinavian lounge chair runs the risk of looking a little ordinary, but when dressed in an eclectic Jonathan Adler snake print cover (washable! removable!), well, she’s fancy! 

Levity The Scandinavian Lounge Chair


Clean up spills easily with the Scandinavian Lounge Chair, which features machine-washable and stain-resistant upholstery and liquid-repelling, premium foam cushions. This sleekly-designed contemporary lounge chair creates the perfect mid-century living room aesthetic and ideal place to relax. With 50+ interchangeable colors, you'll never get bored with one look.

Cashmere isn’t itchy, but it is quite warm, perhaps too warm for those of us who run hot like a furnace. Etitude’s vegan cashmere throw is made of bamboo fibers and is so very soft that it must be touched to be believed.

Etitude Woven Throw Blanket


Better than cashmere is here. Our Woven Throw Blanket was designed to be just as soft as regular cashmere (but way more sustainable). Made from CleanBamboo® fibers, this bamboo Woven Throw Blanket will wrap you and your space in eco-luxury. With a plush feel and dreamy drape, throw it wherever you please for a cozy, luxe refresh.

Beloved bougie candle brand Diptyque also makes bougie home goods, like this frankly gorgeous wax vase that would look great piled high with lemons and plonked in the middle of your live-edge dining room table.

Diptyque Antique Wax Vase


Designed by Samuel Accoceberry, this most original piece plays with different epochs, drawing inspiration from ancient art forms. Made of white wax that naturally dons an authentic patina over time, the shape of this piece is enhanced again and again with the Diptyque oval. Hand-crafted in a reputed Portuguese manufacture. Designed to contain water.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) repaint, replace or otherwise alter the cabinets in your kitchen or otherwise, these little guys will make you smile, as they are, every day.

Hapny Home Smiley Knob


A reminder to never take anything too seriously, even beautifully crafted hardware. One standard size, three finishes, solid brass construction. The Smiley Knob works great on cabinet doors, drawers, most anything that can open, or on your walls as a hook.

Okay, this is for weed, but it’s also cute enough to keep out and doesn’t evoke aliens or the stench of bong water.

Edie Parker Egg Pipe


Over easy, sunny side up or fried just right - however you like em, our egg pipe will pan out perfectly. Made with borosilicate glass in bright, poppy colors, The Egg Pipe is an egg-cellent choice for your next sesh.