Brandi Glanville finally dropped the bombshell fans had been waiting for on last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During the episode, the self-professed “truth cannon” opened up to Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp and admitted the details of her scandalous off-camera hook-up with Denise Richards.

Now, on the RHOBH After Show, Kyle is breaking down all the reasons why she immediately believed Brandi‘s salacious version of events, despite the pair’s rather explosive, rocky history together.

“I never thought Brandi was making them up,” the Beverly Hills OG said of Brandi’s jaw-dropping stories about Denise. “All I know is that they were friends and, you know, I had seen pictures of them on Instagram together when this incident allegedly happened. And then it sort of made more sense of why she was so nervous coming to the Children’s Hospital event. Because I was like, ‘Why is she so nervous when she literally was on the show for years and the cameras like…what’s the big deal?’ But now it made more sense.

“I mean, listen. Brandi and I have had our issues. For lack of a better word, she can be a real a**hole sometimes,” Kyle continued. “I just don’t see her to be someone who invents stories. I really don’t. I mean, that was never our issue, you know? Even the stuff that she had said back in the day about the tabloids and this and that. She was not saying that she believed those things in the tabloids. She was, you know, bringing them up to create havoc in my life. But she even said, ‘I don’t believe ’em; I know for a fact somebody I spoke to said it was made up’ and blah, blah, blah. But I just don’t see her being a liar. So when she said that, I figured, OK. Even though there was several, like, [gasps] salacious, I wasn’t surprised actually.”


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Of course, longtime RHOBH fans are well-versed in the tabloid drama during Season 4 between Kyle and Brandi. (According to Brandi, Lisa Vanderpump told her to bring the gossip magazines detailing Mauricio Umansky allegedly cheating on Kyle on the cast trip to Puerto Rico. Brandi refused, ran to Kyle with the story of her one-time BFF’s betrayal, and LVP escaped from the island in tears after her manipulation was brought to light. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s clear Brandi was telling the truth in that instance.)

However, it’s hard to believe Kyle would think Brandi was always telling the truth in her pot-stirring tenure on the show. If Brandi never lies, was she telling the truth that Kim Richards was “doing crystal meth in the bathroom all night” during Season 2’s iconic game night?


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Was she lying when she claimed Kyle told her LVP was bankrupt and living in the Valley? What about when she cruelly accused Kyle of wanting to see Kim fail in her sobriety? Brandi has a history of spewing exaggerations and hurtful accusations, particularly when it comes to Kyle. So it’s a little confusing that Kyle would now, in retrospect, claim Brandi never lies.


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