10 Fun And Simple Ways To Craft Outdoor Hanging Planters

The idea of adding some hanging planters to the outdoor areas surrounding your home may have crossed your mind before and you may even have experience with this sort of project. Thinking about it and making plans is not really worth anything if you don’t actually get the project done so let’s take this step together. We’ve already done some research and prepared a few ideas and designs for us to check out together.

This right here is a good idea for a project if you don’t really have a good spot to hang a planter. You can still add greenery to your outdoor areas if you build a frame to hang the planters from. You can find the plans and the instructions on hawthorneandmain. The stand is made of wood and the hanging planters are repurposed vinyl gutter pieces.

Speaking of repurposed gutter planters, they actually look really pretty, don’t they? You can hang them outside in all sorts of cool ways, even without the need for a stand. For example, you can hang a few gutter planters from a tree and create this nice tiered design similar to what we found on boxwoodavenue.

If you happen to have an old chandelier that you no longer use, this would be a perfect opportunity to turn it into a unique outdoor planter. You’d have to make a few modifications in order for this to hold pots instead of light bulbs. Of course, it would have to be a chandelier with several arms sticking out from the center as explained on whiletheysnooze in order for this transformation to work.

Another interesting idea can be to craft a macrame hanger specifically designed to hold your planter. You can then easily hang this out on the porch, from a tree or even keep it indoors. If you’ve worked with twine or yarn before, this shouldn’t be difficult at all. Add a few wooden beads as well to make the design more interesting.

Big hanging planters are not easy to come across and usually cost a pretty penny but you can avoid all these inconveniences by building one yourself. You can make a wood pallet hanging planter such as this one for your porch or garden but you can also customize the design and make something different and better-suited for your space in case this doesn’t fit your style.

If you enjoy trying out new things and ideas, you might be interested in this really cool project that we found on wonderfuldiy. It shows you how you can make a hanging succulent ball using two repurposed hanging baskets and a few other things. This could become the new centerpiece of your porch and you can also keep this indoors if you want to.

You can also hang a flower pot out on your porch or deck using old belts. That’s right, you can have a few belts all tied together and connected, making a custom hanger for your planter. It’s a really cool and ingenious way of repurposing old belts and a pretty simple and cheap way of making a unique hanging planter. Check out the details on hipismoeco and have fun coming up with your own design for this project.

You can incorporate all sorts of unusual things into your DIY projects and that’s always fun and interesting to do. A cool example is this little project we found on organizedclutter. It shows you how to make a hanging planter using an old wooden frame. It’s unusual and quirky and the result is quite nice: a framed pot that you can hang from a tree or a post, with a lovely background behind it. You can use this ingenious strategy to make both small and large framed planters.

As you may know, old tires can be repurposed in plenty of different ways. One of the options is to turn a tire into a planter. In this case, we’re talking about a hanging planter that looks similar to a wreath. The idea comes from diyshowoff and if you\re interested in making something similar you’re going to need a few supplies such as spray paint, soil, fabric weed barrier, chain, an s-hook and of course some soil and flowers. You can make multiple tire planters and have them displayed around the house or leave some for other future projects.

If you want to make a sort of tiered hanging planter that can hold multiple pots, this seems like a really good design. It’s simple and fairly easy to make and it’s excellent for transferring your herb garden outside or having all your favorite potted flowers lined up on your porch. Of course, this would also be a suitable project for indoor use. Check out shanty-2-chic to find out the details and feel free to customize your own project as you see fit.

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